Obviously the inmates are running the Mets asylum and pitcher Matt Harvey needs to pull his head out of his backside before he flushes away what’s left of his career. I’m talking about the Mets suspending him for three games, without pay Saturday.

The Mets aren’t saying why they did it, but a source told ESPN it’s because he didn’t show up to the ballpark on Saturday.

Fox Sports had the story first and said a source close to Harvey said he had a migraine and that there were possible communication issues with the team.

Communication issues?! What?! Like he failed to communicate why he failed to go to work on Saturday? Those types of communication issues?

Rest assured, given how banged up that rotation is right now, if they’re suspending this guy for three days, without pay, not showing up for work on Saturday is far from the only stupid thing he’s done. That’s the only transgression that we know about. I’m sure there’s a lot more where that came from.

And by the way, that in and of itself is a suspendable offense. You have a headache. Do what everyone else does; hit it with a few Advil and get your asssss to work?! If you truly were incapacitated by a headache, pick up a phone, lob the team a call and say you’re not coming in. It takes 30 seconds. In the very least shoot them a text: that will take 3 seconds.

Not doing so, means either your dead or you’re one of the most unprofessional guys ever.  And considering they just suspended you, I know you’re not dead.

This cat needs to wake the hell up. And if a suspension like that doesn’t shake him up, nothing will. He’s not nearly the pitcher he used to be coming off Tommy John surgery and surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, and he already has a rep around major league baseball for not working hard enough and not caring nearly enough. I mean, no one would ever confuse Harvey when it comes to professionalism, work ethic and having a will to prepare.

And with this suspension, that rep is taking a beating all over again. One thing to struggle because injuries, entirely another to just not give a damn and not do the work; the work that most other guys do.

And because the guy clearly still doesn’t get it and is just taking days off without calling anyone, if I’m the Mets, I’m looking to move him as soon as I can. The guy’s a free agent to be in 2018, you know he’s not going to stay there; he clearly doesn’t want to be there right now, so get him the hell out of there. Start shopping him right now.

And the Mets aren’t without blame here, either. In fact, they’re a train wreck for the ages.  The team is letting guys like Noah Syndergaard; Yoenis Cespedes diagnose themselves, making existing injuries even worse than they already were. And having stars not even bother to show up for work or call anyone when it happens. They’re a joke. This is a team that was supposed to make a run this year. A team that everyone would look at with respect. Instead, all of baseball is laughing at them.

Oh, and memo to Harvey: almost as bad as no showing and not calling anyone, is filing a grievance against the team for suspending you after you failed to show up for work. So weak. And the fact that you’re not owning it is only making it worse in your clubhouse, with management. And to anyone else who might consider trading for you or signing you as a free agent.

This dude’s career is legitimately in jeopardy and either he doesn’t know.  Or just doesn’t care. Safe to assume, it’s both.


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