Hour 1

C-A-P-S, CAPS CAPS CAPS | Of Course Matt Holliday Goes Yard | Markelle Fultz (NBA) Interview


Hour 2 

Matt Carpenter (MLB) Interview | Josh In Detroit Gets Ran | Cinco De Drinko, Matty


Hour 3

Never Change, Draymond | Naked Plump Man On A Dead Shark | Peter Laviolette (NHL) Interview



Markelle Fultz

NBA point guard prospect on taking care of his mother once he’s drafted: “I know she won’t have to stress anymore.”


Matt Carpenter

St. Louis Infielder on Major League Baseball: “Literally dictated by your starting pitching.”


Peter Laviolette

Predators’ Coach on the atmosphere in Nashville for a game: “Neat environment.”




When are you Clones going to learn?
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Cinco-De-Drinko, Matty

I’m no doctor, but that migraine headache MIGHT have been self-induced.
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Choke On That, Haters

The biggest lock in all of sports.
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Who Humped Jaws?


Weird story. Over the weekend, a photo went viral of a grinning, plump, naked guy hugging what appears to be a dead shark on the back of a boat.
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Never Change, Draymond

No one is saying jack. Or answering any tough questions. Except Draymond Green.
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