Only thing worse than you haters spending your entire days hoping against all hope that I get mine, the Capitals lose and my spectacular Stanley cup streak gets snapped, is the group of y’all just begging for our Karma streak, which by the way, is also undefeated, to get blown up too.

I can see where you might feel that way. Because the Jungle Karma, unbeaten and untied, is on an unparalleled run right now. Even you haters have to acknowledge that.

Trainer Todd Pletcher came on last week, they goes right out and wins the derby. The Caps…Billy Hamilton….Andrelton Simmons: all come in, and all get off and get over.  And while it infuriated some of you, deep down you know you were awed by it. Deep down you had to shake your damn head and tip your hat to it.

But then you went back to doing what you always do: tracking my guests and trying to find examples of where it didn’t work. So what do you do, you look to last night’s Yankee- Reds matchup. Because you know Yankee DH Matt Holliday was on the show yesterday. Not just on the show, but we chased him for about an hour before we finally hooked it up. And you’re thinking this is the day Rome’s Jungle Karma comes back to bite him in the ass. This is the day, Holliday takes the collar and Rome never brings up his stupid Jungle Karma ever again. But then Holliday goes yard. To the deepest part of the yard. Holliday—after showing up huge—and working so hard to get on a clean line yesterday—and giving a hell of an interview—after an 18 inning game—and a 6 a.m. arrival to the hotel—goes for 2 for 4, with a big fly, 3 runs, an RBI, and a walk. And the Yankees win.

Choke. On. That. Haters. Like that could have gone any other way, after he worked that hard to be on the show.

The Jungle Karma is real. It’s bigger than me. It’s beyond my control. But it’s legit. And it’s on an absolute tear right now: the tear to end all tears. Go ahead and doubt it and crack if you want, it will bring to your knees and make you look foolish.

Who’s next. Who wants to swing through and grab some. Respect the show and good things will happen, disrespect the show and bad things will happen. The biggest lock in all of sports. Right alongside my NHL Stanley cup picks.


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