The Mets hope to have Matt Harvey back on the mound Friday in Milwaukee after serving a three-day suspension for his no-show over the weekend. And while everybody inside the Mets organization wants to move on, more details are coming out about the Saturday where Harvey went AWOL. And I’m no doctor, but that migraine headache MIGHT have been self-induced.

Because Page Six reports that the night BEFORE Harvey no-showed at the ballpark, he was out getting lose on Cinco de Mayo — going CINCO-DE-DRINKO at popular nightclub 1 OAK, rolling up around 1am with his boys and staying until 4 — after a night of Don Julio Tequila, Belvedere vodka and Ace of Spades champagne.

So that migraine headache you say you had, is just a hangover to the rest of us. And the rest of us just hit it with some Ibuprofen and chase that with huevos rancheros or a greasy burger and then take care of our business.

You on the other hand apparently chased with a tee time and no show at work.

And why? Because you had a migraine. If that’s a Migraine, I’m Terrific Tom Seaver.

So that’s what makes this story so predictable. How many times do we have to do it? When will athletes get the memo.

Get drunk, sleep through a team meeting, say you’re sorry, wear the bad decision — and this story goes away — just another blip on a Mets radar. But the trouble comes with the cover up. Because the cover-up is always worse than the crime. So when you say you’re going to file a grievance, when you say you had a legit migraine — make sure the night before you weren’t seen rolling deep with your boys on CINCO DE DRINKO. Because PAGE SIX doesn’t swing and miss at your B.P. cheddar. The New York tabloids aren’t going to miss you rolling up to one of the most popular clubs in town on a Friday night. And an absolute AMATEUR HOUR for drinkers.

This isn’t year one in New York for Harvey. This isn’t mistake one, either. Problem is, while this guy still doesn’t get it and the fact that he doesn’t yet, probably means he never will, the Mets still need him. That’s why manager Terry Collins is doing everything he can to turn the page and bring him back into the fold:“He made a mistake the other day. I think we’ll get by it, I think we’ll get through it. He’s just a big guy, he’s a big figure (on our club), he’s a big figure in New York and that’s a big city to be a big figure in.”

Collins is willing to forgive and forget but I’m not so sure his teammates are. Not without this guy owning it. Wearing it. Apologizing for it. Something he clearly isn’t doing if he’s filing a grievance; that means he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.


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