This time of year, you ask a player anything about their matchup, and they’re not deviating from their script: they’re going to just spit a few clichés, mix in a couple it is what it is’s and generally not say something at all to upset the status quo.

No one is saying jack. Or answering any tough questions. Except Draymond Green. Who will answer any question at all. And talk not only about his series, but other folks as well.

For instance, Celtics v. Wizards. More specifically Celtic big man Kelly Olynyk. Ask Draymond what he thinks about Olynyk; he can’t wait to answer that question: “he’s a dirty, dirty player.” He said that on the uninterrupted’ s “Dray Day” podcast. “I don’t respect guys like that. I know he’s not the greatest basketball player of all time, so maybe he feel like he got to do that, but you don’t have to do that. Just dirty. I don’t respect that, man.  He’s dirty.”

And he was just getting started: “Kelly Olynyk is a dirty player, man. Olynyk caught (Oubre) in the face and neck with a couple of elbows. That’s what I don’t understand.  You let people get away with stuff and then when somebody finally reacts… you penalize that guy. But you are not going to penalize (Olynyk: for continually elbowing him in the face…I don’t’ get that.”

And then referenced his Olynyk’s’ rap sheet as well, including the time he tried to rip Kevin Love’s arm out of the socket in the 2015 playoffs: Green told ESPN: “you’ve seen what he’s done. Everybody’s seen what he’s done. I don’t really need to go (further) on that. Come on, man. There’s more cameras in these arenas now than it’s ever been.  Everybody sees what goes on.”

And yes, he knows you’re going to crack him with, that’s pretty rich, Draymond: you, of all people, calling someone dirty! And he has point he’d like to make about that too. Saying there’s a difference between being savvy and crafty and being dirty: quote: “There’s a difference, big difference between knowing all the tricks [and being dirty]. … Knowing all the tricks ain’t doing stuff to hurt people,” Green said on his podcast. “[Olynyk] yanked [Love’s] shoulder out of place. I don’t roll with that, man. He’s just dirty. You know veteran tricks is grabbing an arm so a guy can’t get there to block a shot or cutting some guy off so he can’t get there to contest. But you’re not doing nothing to hurt nobody. This dude [Olynyk] be out there trying to hurt people.”

Dislocating a guy’s shoulder is next level. When Kevin Love dislocated his shoulder, I thought it was probably accidental but Olynyk does seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time quite a bit.

It really cracks me up that he’s so willing to weigh in on guys in other series’. Not just weigh in but go in! “it’s not like he’s the best player in the world.” Translation: he’s a hack. And he has to do things like this.

Fact is, Draymond Green is a world champion, an All-Star, soon to be defensive player of the year: in short an elite player. One of the league’s best. And sure, at times, maybe, maybe, he’s been on the line. Olynyk on the other hand, is a long haired back up, who is definitely over the line.

Again, Draymond may have made some inadvertent contact with some junk on occasion, but he never ripped a guy’s arm out of its socket, ending that player’s postseason. Olynyk has.

As usual, Draymond is talking and he’s backing it all up. And it’s hard to argue with anything he just said.


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