Matt Harvey did what he had to do, getting up in front of his teammates and the media and apologizing for going bonehead and not showing up work this past weekend:

Sounds pretty good. Except it sounds exactly like it did back in 2015 when he missed a mandatory workout during the 2015 NLDS and promised it would never happen again. But it did.

So why should anyone believe and trust him now? Especially since those are the only two incidents we know about. Given the way the Mets coddle this guy, it stands to reason there were probably other instances as well. The fact that they actually suspended him, with the rotation already in tatters, instead of covering for him, tells you how sick they are of this guy and his act. This dude just doesn’t get it.

He’s not sorry for what he did, his decision to file grievance proves that; he’s sorry for the situation he finds himself in right now. This dude needs to dry out; stay out of the clubs, do the hard work in the four days between his starts and take the ball on the fifth day. He has to prove that he can grind. And that he gives a damn. And that he can still win. Then maybe, his teammates and fans will once again trust him.

But respect and trust aren’t going to come with some apology that he made with a gun to his head. Doughy, lazy and ill-prepared is a terrible way to go through life.  Baseball needs to be his top priority and clearly it hasn’t been.

And even worse than this missing work for because he was out partying errrr, had a migraine, is a report that he was out partying because he was in a funk over seeing photos of his ex-Adriana Lima out on the town with Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. According to Page 6, quote: “the ‘Dark knight’ became an emotional wreck on May 2 after paparazzi photos came out showing Adriana Lima stepping from a limo and heading into Rihanna’s met gala after-party with her former boyfriend, NFL star Julian Edelman.

And, to insult to injury, Lima unfollowed Harvey on Instagram after the event.”

Let this be a lesson to all the aspiring Derek Jeter’s out there. The Captain made it look easy. But that doesn’t mean that it was. Know what you’re getting into. And if it’s a 35-year-old super model who has run through a list of athletes and celebs that rival any hound out there, know that you’re more likely to be the one getting the gift basket, the pat on the ass, and the NDA to sign as the elevator waits with the door open.

Because some guys are cut out to be Super Model guys and some aren’t. And while I’m not sure if Harvey’s going to ever be the pitcher he was when he arrived throwing gas in Gotham, I sure as hell know he’s not cut out for the Brazilian Victoria Secret model who just chewed him up and spit him out.

Shake it off, Matty. And stop looking at Page 6. It’s only going to bum you out and you’ll be looking to numb the pain with another bender and tee time that will not only cost you your gig with the Mets but maybe your career altogether.


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