So THAT’S the top-seeded East Boston team. The one that isn’t just a Little-Giant at point guard and a bunch of nobodies surrounding him. But the one that paid Al Horford 113 million. And has a starting lineup five deep that can hurt you — like Avery Bradley did last night with 29, 25 coming in the first half. That’s the team that Danny Ainge wanted to roll with, a lineup that doesn’t NEED that true franchise player, but scores the ball like a juggernaut, that has a coach who can adjust on the fly, and a team that defends its home turf when it needs to.

Because THAT Celtics team just curb-stomped the Wiz. Jumping Washington early, extending the lead before half and coasting to another easy win. And back on home turf, after taking two on the chin in the District, that home crowd had the C’s back — going FULL BOSTON, serenading Kelly Oubre with F-YOU CHANTS, keeping the pressure on a Wiz roster that might have been the only people NOT to see that kind of reaction coming, right John Wall: “We told [Oubre] what to expect from the crowd. We didn’t think it would be those type of words. But all you can do is go out there and play basketball. We’re his brothers, we stick behind him.” 

You didn’t think THOSE TYPE OF WORDS? Have you been to Boston? They come out of the womb screaming F-bombs. And you were surprised that they’d want to take a run at your guy after he went full-contact on their guy and dropped Kelly Olynyk like an axe to a tree.

A Wizards team that played with all sorts of confidence at home went out and turtled off their home floor. A crew that played like their gloss — DEATH ROW DC went out and played like HANSON — never even competing when Boston caught fire on offense, even though the Wiz have rattled off two 20+ point runs in this series and started Game 1 with 16 straight.

You just can’t fold up shop in Game 5 after a tough start. Not if you want to call yourself a contender. And you absolutely can’t no-show in Boston after you just spent two games beating up the Celtics. Embrace the hate. Be that bully. Ride that monster that you came in on — the same juice that turned the Wiz into the hottest team in the NBA late in the season when they went black hat and into Death Row DC mode.

Boston is back in control of ANOTHER series after a stretch of terrible basketball.

You didn’t think Boston fan would use THOSE type of words? I don’t think they know any other type. But huge win for the Cs and a tip of the cap to Celtics fans for doing their job.




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