So it turns out that Derek Jeter and A-Rod MIGHT NOT BE besties again. Because their most awkward five minutes of television make a lot more sense now that we hear the report that Jeets was “beside himself angry” when he found out he was doing an interview sitting next to A-Rod.

And maybe that explains it. Because Jeets looked like he’d rather be getting a colonoscopy than spend 5 minutes with CNBC’s Bob Pisani. And he reportedly didn’t know he was sitting down to share the stage with A-Rod until moments before the interview was set to go down.

So it might not have been because of those STRAIGHT FIRE questions that Bob was hitting him with — or confusing him for A-Rod– as he chased awkward question with awkward question — but rather that he was shoulder to shoulder with the guy who took a hand grenade to their friendship 20 years ago and has been trying to dig himself out ever since.

Welcome to life after baseball, Captain. You’re just another guy with a product to pimp, now. And that means more of these interviews — maybe even stuck in a room with A-Rod AGAIN, a guy who looks better and better as his career goes into the rearview while your ass gets redder and redder as you do these media grabs.

So maybe that’s why Alex was carrying the weight. Dude can push right through the awkward that Pisani was slinging better than anybody, probably because if you can look a guy straight in the eyes 30 seconds after he indirectly throws a dagger in your chest for that season-long suspension when you got caught with a fertility clinic pumping through your body, you can do anything.

So Jeets. Welcome to life after baseball. It’s not all just Players Tribune news-drops and no-commenting through interview questions about your billion-dollar bid to buy the Marlins. And even if you’ve got all those rings and are about to get your own place in Monument Park — if you want to be the same type of legend after baseball as you were on the diamond, there’s gonna be a lot more awkward interviews like these.


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