UFC President Dana White came on the program yesterday to talk UFC 211 tomorrow night from Dallas. And once we did that, the conversation, inevitably turned to McGregor v. Mayweather, as it always does.

There’s a helluva lot of talk about it, always, but seemingly almost no action or progress towards locking it down. In other words, there’s generally never any news to report on what could be both of those two sports biggest showdowns of 2017. Well, until yesterday, when Dana admitted he’s ready to move on if a deal isn’t reached soon. And by soon, he means Sunday. He said in the Jungle, if he can’t get a deal with McGregor done by Sunday, he’ll just keep moving.

Keep in mind, even if Dana can hammer out a deal with Conor, they still have to work the deal with Floyd.

Look, I’ll admit, during this whole process, I’ve fluctuated between there’s no way this is ever going to happen, and there’s way too much money for it not to happen.

Now, while I have no idea how close Dana is to getting a deal done with Conor, even if he does, he still has to hammer out a deal with Floyd.

And sure, there are stacks and stacks and stacks, but will they be able to find a way to split it all up? And will they do so now that Dana has put a hard deadline on it.

Hard seeing it happening. And if we’re being real about it, do we really want to see it? I mean, other than Floyd and Conor who really benefits from this? Not Dana and UFC who would have their biggest star in a fight that he has no choice of winning. A fight that could make him enough money that he never has to fight ever again, and then they lose their biggest star.

Not the fans, who will throw down crazy jack for a fight that you just know will be boring as hell. Never mind styles make fights. These two aren’t even in the same sport.  You’ll never find a bigger Conor fan than me: one of the best to ever step into the octagon, and one of the most compelling athletes I’ve seen in the 30 years I’ve done. I love the guy. Love his game. Love his swagger. Love his rap. He’s one of my all-time favorites. But there’s no way in hell he can beat Floyd Mayweather.

And that’s not even a rap against Conor. Its fact: a guy who has never boxed professionally before, is not going to beat one of the greatest boxer’s in history. Just like Floyd, a guy who has never a single fight in the octagon, wouldn’t last a second in Conor’s world if he did try to fight with MMA rules. It would be a disaster.

And everyone who throws down for it would be furious the two guys participating would be laughing at all of us all the way to the bank. I think deep down Dana has to know that; but he also said considering what Conor has meant to his company, he’s not going to stand his way of something like this if a deal makes sense. And now they have until Sunday to knock out a deal that makes sense.


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