Kelly Olynyk, of all dudes, went legend last night — 26 points, 10 of 14 from the field, 5 boards, 4 dimes, and two clutch three balls — as Man Bun went Man’s Game down the stretch, leading the Celtics to a Game 7 win over Washington.

Kelly Olynyk?! This cat went Larry Legend in the last 12 minutes with — 14 fourth-quarter points… exactly 14 more than John Wall scored in the game’s final quarter.

After being known best for trying to rip Kevin Love’s arm out of the socket in a playoff game and going TIMBER after Kelly Oubre took a running start and dropped him, Olynyk, incredibly, goes from punch line to legend, in a single game.

As unlikely a Game 7 hero if there ever was one, as Celtics lore just made room for its first Vape Pen owner. Allegedly. Probably.

The Wiz did the right thing. They made someone other than Isaiah Thomas beat them.  But I don’t think any of them expected it to be Kelly Olynyk. Hell, I think I’m pretty safe in assuming Kelly Olynyk didn’t think it would be Kelly Olynyk.

Yet, when Washington made its run, it was incredibly Olynyk Time, with the big man outscoring the Wiz all by himself in crunch time, knocking down three’s, taking charges and firing up the home crowd.

Dude became perhaps the unlikely one-man army in the history of playoff basketball. That’s the guy who buried Death Row DC. The one who looks like he’d rather be cruising in Birkenstocks, puffing chron, throwing a disc around and listening to a 4-hour jam sess from Phish.

The C’s move on. Survive the botched funeral and get their date with The King. And we knew they’d get a monster game from I.T. But that 26 from Kelly Olynyk gave the Cs their first pairing since Bird and McHale did it 29 years ago to go for 25-or-more in a Playoff Game 7.

Man’s Game from Man Bun — absolutely NO CHILL from the Canadian, who stomped out the Wiz and put their season out to completely earth-friendly biodegradable compost.


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