For all you pointing to the Lakers keeping that pick and saying the fix was in… The team with the best chance of winning won, and the team with the third best chance of winning came in second.

But if you really want to keep on with your lottery if fixed narrative, go find David Stern.  Wherever the hell he is….and ask him if the lottery is fixed.

Ask him if he frozen the Patrick Ewing envelope. He loves that question. I asked him about it once. Well actually, like 5 or 6 times, and he just laughed it off every single time.  Except for the last time. When he got completely rattled and lost his bleep. Lost his bleep over something he had heard a thousand times before and that every single fan in the history of the league has thought about at one time or another. Nice composure, former commissioner. Wherever the hell you are.

And while I know that the Celtics picking first and the Lakers picking second is good for the league, it doesn’t mean the lottery is fixed. I’m sure certain games has been fixed.  And certain players have been on the take or did something to marginalize the outcome of certain games, but I don’t think the lottery was fixed. At least not this case.

Again, because the two teams with two of the best chances had their number called. As much as I love a conspiracy theory and want them all to be true, there’s nothing to see here. Just keep moving.



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