In Golden State’s Western Conference Finals Game 2 rout of the San Antonio Spurs, the Warriors notched their fourth 30-assist game this postseason. The selfless attitude of the team was very apparent to now interim head coach Mike Brown when he joined Steve Kerr’s staff as an assistant this season.

“I truly believe, after being around these guys for almost a year now, that they each enjoy making the pass for the guy making the play than actually making the play or making the bucket themselves,” Brown said on The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday. “They get a huge kick out of celebrating for others, and it’s contagious.”

It’s contagious because Brown says the superstars buy in.

“You got a guy like Steph Curry that can shoot the ball, you got a guy like Kevin Durant that can score the ball at high levels, probably the highest in the world, and I feel those guys get just as excited when somebody else scores a bucket,” Brown said. “Therefore, that makes it fun for everybody, because they are celebrating too and everybody kind of has to fall in line and get with the program.

“It’s a remarkable thing they have going on here, starting with their superstars that are able to score the basketball.”

Brown took over as Warriors’ acting head coach when Steve Kerr took an indefinite leave of absence due to his back pain. The former NBA Coach of The Year, Brown, agreed to move over one chair and continue guiding Kerr’s ship, but also had to be true to who he was.

“I went to management, most of the leaders on the team, and I told them hey, I learned a lot from Steve and Bob [Myers] and the culture here and you guys, but you’re going to have to remember, I’m not Steve, and I know we have a good thing going, and I have a good sense of how to be able to keep it going, but there are going be times when I’m going to have to be myself,” Brown said. “And to a man, all of them were like no, no, no, you better be yourself. We need you to be in the seat that you’re in and not try to be Steve, but while understanding what we’re all about.”

The 47-year-old says because of the Golden State culture and experience on staff, the transition for him has been incredible.

“Being around this game for as long as I’ve been and being in the different situations that I’ve been in, for me it’s been a pretty seamless process, especially with the staff that I have around me,” Brown said. “These guys have been around Steve for going on three years now, and they’ve been terrific, from Bruce Fraser to Ron Adams to Jarron Collins. They’ve all helped out in this process, so it’s made it fairly easy, but having said that, there are instances where I have to be myself, because I don’t know any other way.”





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