Now you know why Gregg Popovich was so enraged and why Spurs fan was so pissed over Zaza Pachulia taking out Kawhi Leonard. Because both Pop and Spurs fan know they have no shot at beating Golden State without him. And the rest of the world saw it last night as the Warriors crushed the Spurs without their MVP.

The Spurs, minus Kawhi, never even bothered to get off the bus. Never engaged, or competed or fought. Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals and they don’t even bother showing up. Not my words, Pop’s:


In other words, it’s going to have to be a helluva lot different in Game 3, or this is going to be an extremely short series.

And no only did Pop call out his team collectively, he also singled out LaMarcus Aldridge. Singled him out because without Kawhi Leonard, they’re going to need a helluva more from Aldridge. And according to Pop, they didn’t get it.

Bottom line, I’d expect them to struggle without their MVP and heart and soul. The guy does so much for them on both ends of the floor: they run everything through him and he’s one of the league’s best defensive stoppers on the other end. So, of course they’re going to struggle without him.

I just didn’t expect them to lay down the way they did. They had to know Golden State was going to come out much aggressively after their terrible start in Game 1. And they didn’t come anywhere near matching the Warriors’ energy and intensity. Instead, they played like a team that knew it didn’t have a chance. They wanted nothing to do with that game. And now they’re down 2-0; a deficit they have only come back from once. And it’s obviously not going to happen here. Not with Leonard out or not close to 100 %.  And really, not even with him being at 100% the Warriors are too good, too talented, too deep and too locked in. They’ve won 10 in a row; are on a mission and the Spurs are going to be nothing more than a speed bump on their way to ripping back their title.



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