The Warriors cracked San Antonio again last night to finish off the sweep and are now headed into the finals on a 12-0 postseason run, something the first team in NBA history to do that. And they didn’t do it in the East, they did it in the Western Conference.

And I know the Spurs didn’t have Kawhi Leonard. But even if they did, it wouldn’t have mattered. It may have made it more interesting, maybe, but even with Kawhi, they don’t nearly have the fire power to stay with the Warriors, who are as talented a team as ever seen. And as unselfish as they are talented. And on a mission after blowing that 3-1 lead in the finals last year against Cleveland.

And unlike Cleveland who let Boston off the hook, in their own house with a 21 point lead, you have to like the way the Warriors handled their business and closed out the Spurs. No wasted energy, absolute efficiency and the cold-blooded finish.

And they’re making it look easy. If not boring.

Oh, and if you are bored by them smashing anyone and everyone who gets in their way, and you have a problem with it, Kevin Durant says don’t watch. Just turn your TV off.

Now, obviously, the league probably doesn’t want one of its best players telling fans to turn off their TV’s, so Durant walked it back. And apologized. Sort of. Not really.

He apologized to anyone who felt disrespected when he said you should just turn the TV off if you don’t like what you’re seeing it the playoffs. But stood by what he said. And did a pretty nice job of apologizing without coming off what he said. He told ESPN: “I mean, life can be simple, man. If you don’t like the way the game is going, just turn it off.  If you’re enjoying it, just keep it on. Life is simple. I didn’t mean it to disrespect anybody, but if you felt disrespected, I’m sorry. But if you don’t enjoy the game, turn it off (and) turn something else on. If you do, enjoy the rest of it, man.”

He’s right. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, just turn it off. I’m not saying the NBA playoffs have been great. Far from it actually. But that’s not on Durant and his comments, or the Warriors or the Cavs. It’s on everyone else.

What are those two teams supposed to do? Not try to dominate? Take their foot off the gas.? The playoffs have been pretty unwatchable. But that’s not Durant’s fault.


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