As incredible as Kyrie was last night, my favorite moment of the night was LeBron butchering that alleged tomahawk dunk. Now that’s history right there.


Sure, it can happen to anyone. Kobe, Mike and yes, LeBron. But not after Kevin love made literally the greatest outlet pass in the history of the sport. And there’s no hyperbole there. I’m not saying that for affect, that literally was the finest outlet pass in the history of the world.

I get Kevin Love is a really, really skilled guy. And can do a number of things he really has no business doing. But no one, anywhere, has any business making an outlet pass like that. And because he did, LeBron really has no business jacking it up, by butchering that jam the way he did.

Nothing says old and tired like not getting up to finish that play. That was both hard to watch, and hilarious at the same time. How is this guy going to shoot the Cavs past the Warriors when he can’t even execute and uncontested dunk? Uncontested dunk coming off one of the greatest assists in league history? Get your rest, pops. Or better yet, next time, let Kyrie leak out and let him handle it for you. Either that or get to the gym a couple hours early for game five and work on throwing it down and finishing around the basket, because while the world is willing to forgive one butchered slam from a guy like you, you’ll never get away with doing it a second time.

Especially seeing the reaction to it. That jam would have given Cleveland the lead and torn the roof right off that barn. But instead of the roof being torn off in Cleveland, it was torn off twitter.

Forget the comparisons to MJ. People were practically comparing Bron to Kwame.  That’s how bad that was. The only thing missing from that was the terse exchange with a local radio reporter after it happened, where LeBron says, ‘man, you only come around here, Kenny after I miss dunks:

Again, you’re allowed one of those, Bron. And sure, twitter had its fun. But it won’t be nearly as fun if it happens again.


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