We now know what ODELL BECKHAM JUNIOR was doing earlier this week when he wasn’t attending Giants OTAs with his teammates. Hanging with Johnny Idiot Face and bowling with pop-star Iggy Azalea in LA.

So as his Giants teammates take part in optional workouts as they try to build off their 11-win season, OBJ keeps one-upp’ing himself, each move BAGGIER than the next.

Look, I get it. They’re voluntary workouts. Nobody has to show up. And I’m not cracking this guy for staying away from anything organized by the Giants if this is part of a much bigger situation — playing for a new contract, a contract that he’s clearly earned after lighting the league out-performing his rookie deal in his three seasons with the Giants. What I’m cracking this guy for is being clueless. For taking whatever leverage he might have and throwing it out the window.

Because if I’m looking for a new contract, I’m not out in the valley posting pics of working out with a quarterback who can’t get a job in the NFL when my Super Bowl winning QB is sweating it out with the rest of the guys. If I want to showcase why I think I’m worth the crazy jack that Julio, AB or AJ Green are making — I’m not running patterns with a bunch of unemployed actors or a quarterback who can’t get anybody to even throw him an invite to training camp.

And if I want to prove to my employer that I’m work a 70-million dollar contract — and that my focus is on football and becoming a cornerstone for an organization that’s always embraced guys who handle their business and do things the right way — I’m probably not helping my cause being 2,500 miles away kicking it with Swaggy P’s ex.

Look. I get that OBJ is trying to be something more than a football player. And I get that part of that act is working — Nike breaking him off a monster shoe deal that pays him $5 million a year — more than double what the G-Men are scratching off this year. But if you’re trying to tell your boss that you’re serious about football, you shouldn’t be kicking it in LA with your shoe guy KICKASSO while the rest of your teammates are at the Meadowlands working. If you want a new mega-deal and your GM says he wants to see you grow up this offseason — hanging with John and the rest of the D-Listers isn’t exactly the strategy of a chess-master.

Again. This isn’t about OTAs. Optional work should be optional. That’s not hard to figure out. But after spending all last year doing things OFF the field that took away from the Pro Bowl season you had on it, help me, help you. If you want Franchise Player Jack, act like a Franchise Player. That means staying away from Idiot Face. It means chasing your “actions speak louder than words” tweet with actual action. And it means ending that BAG act that only takes away from the game-breaking football player that you already are.

Bag look then. Bag look now. And more of the same for OBJ.


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