This off-season, the Green Bay Packers made a rare big money free agent signing when they inked tight end Martellus Bennett to a three-year, $21 million contract. With one of the best offenses in the NFL already, running back Ty Montgomery can’t contain his excitement from adding a weapon of Bennett’s caliber to their arsenal.

“Oh man, I don’t want to speak out of turn, and I don’t want to get anybody too anxious or just write checks that I personally can’t cash, but I can tell you that I feel we’re going to be pretty special,” Montgomery told The Jim Rome Show Thursday on CBS Sports Radio.

Montgomery knows Bennett brings talent as well as a larger than life personality.

“First of all, he’s phenomenal off the field,” Montgomery said. “And on the field, just watching him work, he’s definitely a guy that I look up to and a guy that I respect. The guy is just a beast it’s unreal.”

Having been forced into the backfield during the 2016 season due to the teams injured running backs, the team made the move permanent this off-season. Montgomery talked about the difficult transition from wide receiver to running back in season and how he needed the ability to improvise.

“Looking back on it, looking back on almost everything was on instinct,” Montgomery said. “I was being coached. There were things I was being taught, some techniques that I was being taught, but I was learning everything so fast, and learning everything on the fly that once I had the ball in my hands, then it was game time. It was time to make decisions on the fly. It felt like instinct, I was just doing what felt right, what felt natural.”

Montgomery has even moved lockers to be closer to his running backs group as well, a move he’s happy about.

“I think its import to be with the group of guys I’m going to be spending the most time with. Those are guys I’m in meetings with, those guys are guys I’m spending time with on the practice field, watching film with, guys I’m learning from, and guys that I’m teaching at the same time being the – it’s kind of crazy – the old guy in the room,” Montgomery laughed. “But you know, I’m having to teach those guys some things, but I’m also learning from them at the same time. So it’s very important that we bond and that we spend as much time together as we can.”

One thing the former Stanford Cardinal baller won’t change though is his number 88 gamer. He’s keeping that.

“I just didn’t see the need to change it, and I like it. It speaks to me, it speaks to who I am,” Montgomery said. “And I think it tells my story of where I’ve come from so far in the NFL, and how I got to be back there.”


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