Tiger Update: his car was heavily damaged when police stopped him and arrested him for DUI over memorial weekend; that according to a police report obtained by TMZ. The report lists two flat tires on the driver’s side of his Mercedes in addition to damaged rims, and bumpers and a broken tail light

So not only is dude napping it out, in the middle of the night, on the side of the road, in a car that’s still running; he’s doing it in a rig that’s jacked up, while rolling on a couple of flat tires.

All that damage shows just how lucky he is and everyone else is that he didn’t hurt someone else or himself. Because you don’t get two flats just rolling down an empty road in Florida.

What was he driving over, or through, that led to all that damage? If they thought a quick statement about an “unexpected reaction to prescribed medications” was going to make this all go away, they couldn’t have been more wrong. And something tells me that when the arrest video comes out later today, it’s not going to be pretty at all.

Tiger and his team went waaaay out of their way to let everyone know that there was no alcohol involved in this incident: great. What’s your point? Nice try with that.

Like, I wasn’t being irresponsible. It wasn’t like I just went out on some crazy bender on a holiday weekend, and got smashed out of my mind. To the contrary, I’m recovering from back surgery, took a few prescription painkillers and I simply did not expect the type of reaction that they had. Innocent mistake..  Ehhhhhh!!!. Wrong answer, Cat. Wrong card to throw, Cat. Any answer other than, I made a catastrophic mistake, I need help, I’m going to get it, get right and golf is the furthest thing from my mind, was the wrong answer.

I don’t care that alcohol wasn’t involved.  This dude was clearly under the influence of something.

So how the hell does that guy get behind the wheel of a car, in that condition, at that time in the morning? That’s what pisses me off. Where the hell did he have to be, that was worth risking his life, and even worse someone else’s? There’s being a bit loopy after taking a pain pill or two, too many… And then there’s napping it out, in the middle of the night, on the side of the road, with a couple flat tires, the engine running and jacking up an assort of field sobriety tests. That’s after telling cops that he was in Los Angeles playing golf only to change his story. That’s after telling the cops he thought the Romberg alphabet test was doing the national anthem backwards.

He didn’t look or apparently sound like a guy that may have swallowed a vike or two too many. He looked and apparently sounded like a dude who was bleep-faced. And if not on liquor something else.

Hey man. Your life. Your legacy. Your reputation. Your family. Those are all your things: do what you want with them. Who am I to tell you what to do. But if I were you, instead of spinning this or trying to rationalize this, I see it for what it is: rock freaking bottom. Look in the mirror, and for the first time ever, own it. Don’t give some lame, bogus, insincere presser, where you tell everyone what you think they want to hear but don’t really mean. Own it. And what you’ve done to yourself and your life.


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