The Hot Take Of The Week: if the Cavs do shock the Warriors for the second year in a row, does that make LeBron the GOAT?

Do the Warriors again and does LeBron jump over Michael Jordan as the greatest ever?.  Maybe.

I’m not going to say definitively, but there may be a conversation there. It depends not only on if they win, but how they do it.

If Cleveland wins because Golden State suffers a number of injuries, or Draymond Green, for whatever reason,  snaps and gets suspended; or if the Cavs win because Kyrie goes crazy and is the star of the series, it’s obviously going to be viewed differently than if LeBron plays hero ball and puts everyone on his back.

Truth is, as everyone is rushing in to hot take this, there is really no objective way to compare Jordan and LeBron.

Jordan honks will say, even if LeBron wins this, Jordan still has him 6 rings to four. And that Jordan never once lost in the Finals while LeBron has lost three times.

LeBron honks might then counter that he’s never had mike’s supporting cast and that if LeBron wins this year, he would have gone back to back while being a heavy underdog two years in a row; something Mike never had to do.

Just like Jordan never faced a 65 win team in the Finals, while LeBron has done it three years in a row.

Some might argue that LeBron is already there, regardless of what happens in this series. That… I don’t buy that at all. If LeBron and the Cavs get rolled up in this series, and he drops to 3-4 overall, he’s still one of the greatest ever; but there’s no way I can sit here and say he’s already gone past Mike. The ring may not be the only thing, but it’s still a thing. A big thing. And 6-0 is going to trump 3-4 regardless of who both played or even who they played with and David Stern didn’t break Jordan off, errrrr, if Jordan didn’t go all Tebow with it and pick up a bat in the minor leagues, we could be talking about Jordan going 8-0 in the finals.

But if LeBron and the Cavaliers shock the Warriors again, and LeBron dominates, there’s definitely a discussion of whether or not he has jumped over 45. But he needs to do that before we can have that discussion.

So you hot takers should have least have the decency to wait until LeBron wins another ring before jumping him over Mike… Because no, he’s not there yet.


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