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All Topics: Long Beach Poly High School Football Program | Long Beach Poly in 1996 | LBPH first game in Las Vegas in 1996 | A lot of young kids from Poly running around Vegas | Stop at In-N-Out in Barstow on the way back | Poly qb recongined Tupac at the In-N-Out headed to Vegas for Tyson vs. Sheldon fight | Suge Knight hired bodyguards for Tupac | Players on Poly seeing Knight at the In-N-Out | Poly players shouting at Tupac from the bus | One of the players yelling “I hope you get shot” to Tupac | His involvement starting over Twitter | Barstow | His new book

May 31st 2017

Jeff shares a story from 1996 about the Long Beach Poly football team and Tupac.



Oct 14th 2016

All Topics: New Book, Gunslinger: The Remarkable Improbable, Iconic Life of Brett Favre | Favre’s childhood in Mississippi | Brett’s mom and sister | Brett being mean as a kid | Brett playing for his dad, Irv, in high school | Brett not throwing much under his dad | Recruiting Brett | Brett was terrible to Aaron Rodgers at first | Brett’s final days in Green Bay | Brett’s style | Favre and Rodgers | Rodgers’ first line to Favre | Favre’s back and forth retirements | Brett wanting revenge on Green Bay | Brett not wanting to go to New York | Ending of Favre’s career |

The author talks about his new book, Gunslinger: The Remarkable Improbable, Iconic Life of Brett Favre.



Mar 3rd 2014

All Topics: New book on the Showtime Lakers | The book covers the entire run of Showtime | Lakers almost hiring Jerry Tarkanian in 1979 | Tarkanian’s agent being murdered | Jack McKinney hired as head coach by Lakers | McKinney’s accident that gave Paul Westhead the head coaching job | Westhead winning a title | Westhead being fired | Pat Riley | Jerry West helping Riley | Riley’s success | Mark Landsberger’s story | The Forum Club | Jerry Buss | The best looking women in LA showed up at The Forum Club | Magic’s women at The Forum Club | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar being a jerk | Michael Cooper’s ex-wife Wanda

Jeff talks about his new book on the “Showtime Lakers.”



Jun 19, 2012:

Jeff’s thoughts on Roger Clemens: “He’s definitely not getting in the Hall.”



Sep 30, 2011:

Jeff on why he wrote a biography about Walter Payton: “I wondered who this guy was.”




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