Cubs’ pitcher, Jake Arrieta who had nothing to do with Harper v. Strickland, called  the brawl quote “refreshing.”

Appearing on 670 The Score in Chicago, Arrieta said Tuesday: “I don’t think anybody is right or wrong. I thought it was awesome. Every once in a while, it’s refreshing to see two teams emotionally charged getting after it. And when something like that happens versus continuing to chirp and talk about it, why don’t you go out there and see somebody? That’s exactly what happened in the game yesterday.”

Agreed. Always refreshing to see a couple of pro athletes punch each other in the face during a game. He’s got a point. Seeing two pro athletes punch each other in the face in a sport that isn’t boxing or MMA is pretty cool. Extremely refreshing in fact.

I’ll tell you what may have been the most refreshing aspect of the entire brawl. Not just that those two dudes punched each other in the face. Or that Harper brought his helmet to a fistfight and tried to throw it into the dugout. Not Harper going out to actually pay a visit to Strickland as opposed to just yapping him, but rather Jeff Samardzija paying a visit to his own teammate Michael Morse, and concussing him. Now that’s refreshing!.

A dude going into a concussion protocol after getting put to sleep by his own teammate as the two of them were rushing into defend the moronic actions of their own pitcher.  Now that’s refreshing!

Dude body slammed his own teammate, a fact not lost on Bryce Harper who knew Samardzija was lining him up, ready to knock his ass out. Now that was refreshing!

Come to think of it, Arrieta’s right. That was all pretty refreshing. Give us more of that and baseball may once again be our so-called national pastime. Is that major league pitcher talking, or an email from Joaquin?


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