The reaction to the Was-SF brawl has been pretty interesting: listening to what both sides are saying, you see there really isn’t bad blood between the Nationals and the Giants. There’s not even really any bad blood between Strickland and Bryce Harper. Strickland was really the only guy who had any issue or problem, and had been carrying it around with him for three years and the very chance he had to do something about it. He did. Dotting Harper with that 98 mile per hour heat.

Harper didn’t have problem with Strickland before Strickland hit him. Hell, Harper probably loved the guy, because every time he saw him, he knew there was a chance he’d hit a ball 700 feet.

The Nats obviously didn’t have a problem with the Giants, or they probably would have retaliated last night. And they didn’t.

Nats manager Dusty Baker doesn’t think Bruce Bochy ordered the code red the game before, because Boch isn’t the one with the red ass, Strickland is.

Baker said as much before the game: “I know Bruce Bochy didn’t give the command and order. I could tell the way Buster Posey reacted he had nothing to do with it. In our mind, it not a team act but a selfish act on his part. It’s more selfish because he probably won’t ever get to come to the plate for there to be any retaliation.”

I can’t remember the last time I agreed with something I heard Dusty Baker say. Maybe ever. Except I couldn’t agree with that more. It was an unbelievably selfish thing for Strickland to do. Posey clearly wasn’t down. And neither were any of Strickland’s infielders who didn’t exactly rush in to defend him either.

And the fact that Strickland will never, ever have to pick up a bat against them makes it much, much worse. And way more selfish. So selfish that Bruce Bochy didn’t back Strickland saying that fastball was quote “a personal thing” and that he talked to Strickland privately about his actions.

Obviously, Boch didn’t think Harper showed Strickland up; or that Harper had that coming to him. And he obviously had a problem with his guy doing what he did, and putting his own team at risk just because he couldn’t keep Harper in the yard and hates his guts. Obviously. Or Boch would haven’t had to talk Strickland privately. I don’t know exactly what he said to him, but I’m guessing it was something along the lines of this isn’t about you. I don’t need you going rogue and getting yourself suspended and putting your teammates at risk because you hate this guy. That act of stupidity and selfishness just got one of our own concussed, and it could have been worse. And it should have been avoided. Wake up, man. We’re having a tough enough season as it is without you getting guys hurt and or suspended because you can’t check yourself or deal with some other guy owning you.

I can see why Harper did what he did, but Strickland has no excuse whatsoever for what he did. Or the position he put himself and his team in.


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