Tell you what. When everyone is going one way, I go the other. Always. And more often than not, it works out for me. And literally everyone is picking the Warriors: not only picking them. But picking them to roll. And I’m really not sure why.

Yes, the Warriors are great. But so are the Cavs. And there’s a ton to like about them right now. LeBron is still the best player in the world and is playing arguably his best postseason ball ever. Kyrie is a killer. And Kevin Love is playing his best basketball since arriving in Cleveland. Tristan Thompson always gets his against Golden State. And the guys David Griffin brought in were brought in for this moment. And will come through. Run with the mob. Go with the other sheep. Not me. I’m not only taking the Cavs. I’m taking them in five. For all reasons I just mentioned!!!! Ehhhhh!!

Sure I’m not.

Look Cleveland is nice. So nice, I have them winning one game. But they’re not better than Golden State. And they’re not going to win. Golden State was up on the Cavs, 3 games to 1 last year, but they’re better now than they were then. Much better. And different.

Difference being Steph Curry, who was busted up and did not play well in the finals last year, is healthy now and playing some of his best basketball ever. Different, obviously, because they added Kevin Durant. And different and better because they’re running on some serious fuel, and playing with a chip on their shoulder. The type of premium fuel that can come from having blown a 3-1 series lead, and losing Game 7 on their own floor… fact is, they’re better than the Cavs… Deeper than the Cavs. More motivated than the Cavs… And they have the homecourt… Oh, and they’re better… They’re not losing.

Warriors in five.


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