The Tiger Woods arrest video finally dropped and it shows exactly what you’d expect – a car with two busted tires, parked halfway on the road, half off it, and guy who had absolutely no idea where he was.

In the initial aftermath, remember Tiger’s people released a statement saying that it was “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.” 

It was a ridiculous thing to say then and it looks even worse now. As if mixing pills was better than mixing drinks. It’s not and that video backs it up.

A guy who everyone thought had incredible focus and discipline, couldn’t have looked any more confused when he stumbled and slurred his way through the most basic questions and sobriety tests.

Dude was practically out on his feet. He has no idea where he is. Literally didn’t know where he is. Never mind, getting the street wrong, he didn’t even know what city he was in. Or what state, for that matter.

Like he said, there was no alcohol involved and he just didn’t expect to have the reaction he had when he mixed his prescribed medication. Hey Cat, follow this light, but don’t move your head.

He had no idea where he was, nor was able to follow simple directions involving a light.

Eldrick, they asked you to recite the alphabet, not to just peace out and start stumbling down the road.

That’s why slamming a handful of pills is no better than smashing several cocktails. And that busting out, saying it and thinking it would make this all go away was so ignorant.  That’s why when you see that video, it’s not funny. It’s not sad. It’s reckless. And it’s scary. This dude is lucky he didn’t kill himself. And we’re all lucky he didn’t kill one of us.

That dude, on that video, at some point had his foot on the gas, driving a 4,000 pound death coffin on wheels. He’s lucky neither he nor anyone else are in a box in the ground.

You want to ruin your personal life and your golf career? Fine. Go ahead. Do that. But don’t ever get behind the wheel of a car on meds at 3am.

Quit fooling yourself that you’re about to come back to the golf course any day.

GET HELP. Now this isn’t about whether or not you can play golf again, it’s about whether or not you’re going to end up hurting yourself or others. Killing yourself or someone else.

The mugshot was bad and the video was even worse. That’s rock bottom. At least I hope it was. Stop lying to yourself. And the rest of us. And get the help you need, Cat.


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