Who has four fingers, a giant baseball for a dome, and may have just lost his job… THIS GUY! And by this guy I mean Mr. Met!

A video went viral last night of the team’s official Muppet flipping off a fan.



The M-E-T-S are going N-S-F-W. Well… sort of… Like I said, Mr. Met only has FOUR FINGERS… so technically he doesn’t have a middle finger… But technically, the Mets don’t care… They hit Twitter with this statement last night: “We apologize for the inappropriate action of this employee. We do not condone this type of behavior. We are dealing with this matter internally.”

As I tweeted last night, the Mets’ season has now reached the “Mascot flipping off the fans” stage. And it’s embarrassing as hell. And a really bad look for what has become a really bad organization.

But in their universe, how bad is it really? So the Mascot lobbed the bird to Mets’ fans.  Ever been around a Mets fan? They’re out of control. And believe me, they start them early. Check this kid out. Ever wonder what Mets fan is like a child?

So Randy Johnson exploded a bird. Mr. Met flipped one. What’s the big deal? I’ll tell you… they’re embarrassing. And they actually charge people money, good money, to see that garbage they run out there every night.

They’re the Knicks on a ball diamond. Nothing they do is right. They can’t win. They can’t stay healthy. They can’t manage their injured players properly… This franchise can’t keep their ACE in line, and now they can’t keep their MASCOT in line. And when you lose control of a glorified Muppet, that’s when you know the season is circling the drain. And it’s only June 1st.

As for the dude under that baseball head…wake the hell up. There’s a camera phone at every corner of the planet, and they’re ALWAYS recording. You can’t sneak a bird in a 42-thousand seat stadium and think it’s not going to be videoed and eventually go viral.

A bad year continues to get worse. Mainly because in the Bronx, the Yanks have been straight fire. While across the East River, the Mets have been a straight dumpster fire. And they have some idiot in a baseball costume dumping copious amounts of kerosene right into it.

These aren’t the Seattle Mariners we’re talking about. This is a team that was in the postseason last year and the World Series the year before that. They were supposed to be built to last and instead, they’ve got their mascot, a dude with a giant baseball for a head, flipping the bird at the fans.



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