As for the Cavs, they were every bit as bad as the Warriors were good. Now you see why LeBron said before the series he’s already a champion regardless of what happens here. He knew what they were up against!.

But even he couldn’t have known he’d turn it over 8 times in the first game; or have as much trouble finishing around the basket as he did. Or that the Warriors could make it that tough on him without running multiple defenders at him. Or that he would get almost no help from anyone else in a Cavs gamer. Or that they would get annihilated in the paint and on the glass the way they were.

That’s that matchup in a nutshell. The Cavs were putrid at handling the ball, turning it over 20 times, enabling Golden State to kill them in transition; the one thing they couldn’t afford to have happen.

They were annihilated in the paint; a largely unexpected development. And they don’t defend worth a damn. For all this talk about how much better the Cavs have been defensively in the postseason… doing it against Indiana, Toronto and Boston is one thing, but doing it against a team as explosive as the Warriors is another. And another reason why this is going to be a short series.

The fact that they couldn’t defend anyone during the regular season didn’t matter because they could just outscore everyone else in the East. They obviously can’t win shootouts with Golden State. And more importantly, they can’t get the defensive stops they need to make this series competitive much less have any chance to win it.

Oh, and they had their second worst shooting game of the season last night too. So if you can’t take care of the ball, can’t shoot it and can’t defend anyone, safe to assume, you’re going to get blown out. And how many adjustments can they really make to prevent it from happening three more times?. Especially when you know Golden State can play so much better.


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