13 down, 3 to go for the Dubs. And that beatdown Golden State laid on Cleveland last night was pretty much the league’s worst nightmare.

Given that we have suffered through arguably the worst postseason ever, Golden State curbstomping Cleveland in a short series would be catastrophic. After all, this match-up, the trilogy, the so-called rematch, was the only thing that got us through this unwatchable NBA postseason. Well, that and the NHL postseason.

But that’s fine. Because one great series was going to make us forget all the crappy ones that came before it. Unless this one was crappy too. And from the looks of things, apparently it will be too.

Sure…, it’s just one game. And the Cavaliers were blown out in games 1 and 2 last year in the finals. So I’m not saying this series is over. Well, actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying. This series is over. Because that’s not just one bad night for Cleveland. Don’t get it twisted. They were bad. Really bad. Terrible defensively… taking care of the ball and even worse shooting it. But that’s not just one bad night. That’s a really bad matchup for the Cavs.

And let’s be clear about something else. This is no rematch. I made this point all week long: this is a very different Warriors team than the one Cleveland came back on a year ago. Steph Curry was busted up last year at this time. The Cavs didn’t get the real version of Curry in the finals last year. They are now. Because he’s healthy and rested.

Draymond Green isn’t going to lose his head and snap like he did last year; they’re going to have to deal with him every night. Just as they’re going to have to deal with a team that is much hungrier and way more focused after letting that 3-1 lead get away.

But obviously, the biggest reason the Warriors are different and this is no rematch, is Kevin Durant. And we saw it last night. That’s the reason everyone freaked out when he decided to go to the Warriors. Because folks knew he’d show up on the biggest stage and dominate like that without even trying.

And there’s nothing worse than all the lames going on and on before Game 1 about how all the pressure is on Durant; that he was the one that decided to take the easy way out; he was the one that didn’t have a ring. Did it look like he was feeling any pressure?. Of course, not. Because he wasn’t. This is exactly what he wanted. Exactly what he signed up for. He went 38, 8 and 8 and has never looked better.

Pressure? Why would the guy feel any pressure? He knows no one on the Cavs can guard him. Just as he knows he can get to the rack any time he wants against the Cavs; those six dunks are evidence of that. By the way, any time one guy has more dunks than his entire team has turnovers you know the other guy is getting curb stomped.

He got his and he still moved the ball well. As they all do. He’s a perfect fit, he made the right decision, and they’re obviously a much different, much better team with him than they are without him. So this is no rematch. Because these aren’t the same Warriors.

And  never mind being better than Cleveland, this Warrior club is destined to go down as an all-time great. Only question remaining once this is over is, are they the best ever.?  Again, it’s only one game, but I’ve already seen enough. The Cavs aren’t beating these guys.



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