The Cat’s zonked-out-zombie act didn’t end out on that street early Memorial Day Monday. Dude was cuffed and brought in where he had to stand in front of more cameras and take more tests. And unfortunately for the Cat—that footage dropped last night like some bonus feature on a Director’s Cut DVD.

Four days since the DUI and we’re still talking about it. We’re still talking about it because fresh information continues to pour out. I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: everything we’re seeing and hearing now is exactly why Tiger’s team was wearing out the blower trying to find how much video the cops had of their guy.

The mugshot was bad. The police report was worse. And the dashcam video was an all-time nightmare. But that nightmare clearly isn’t over because now video from Eldrick getting booked is out. And if you thought this dude might have been scared sober after being woken up in his car and slammed in the back of theirs—you’d be wrong.

Two and half hours after the arrest and this sleepwalker is still on a different planet. Listen to one of the cops trying to get him to properly use a simple breathalyzer.

And back at the station when they first brought him in and rolled some tape and asked him some basic identification questions—dude went from Tiger Woods to full-on Dave Chappelle for a second.

Where was this guy 20 years ago?

For the Tiger Team—this weekend can’t come soon enough. They need an off-day from making above-the-fold news. Everyone keeps their heads down—lay low, hope there’s no more video and that someone else does something just as reckless and as stupid.


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