How nasty are the dubs if a league MVP in Steph Curry can have a triple double and he still wasn’t even the best player in a Warrior gamer last night?. That, of course, was Kevin Durant, who is well on his way to not only getting his first ring but ripping the finals MVP hardware as well.

This dude dominated, on both ends of the floor and really doesn’t even look like he’s trying. The cat is so effortless. And there’s nothing he can’t do.

Offensively, the Cavs have no one that can guard him, as he attacks the rim at will and shoots over anyone who even tries to stick a hand in his face. And defensively, he’s so much better than he’s ever gotten credit for and uses his lengths to embarrass fools.

Fact is, the Cavs can’t handle Durant… He’s unguardable… And he’s making LeBron work much harder on both ends of the floor this year than he did last year in the finals.

And the Cavs may have beaten Golden State without Durant last year but there’s no way they’re beating them this year with him. Not the way he’s playing and not as locked in as he is right now.

This is why he came to Golden State… For this moment, and to play on this stage. It’s his time, and there’s no way he’s coming off the floor without his hardware. And the guy has nothing to apologize for. LeBron did it when he took his talents to South Beach and Durant did it when he took his to Oakland. Only difference is, Durant didn’t bag it all up by stabbing OKC in the back on national TV and then rising up through the stage with a smoke machine and promising not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7:

I’m not saying Durant is going to win 7 rings with the Warriors. But I am saying he’ll win one this year. And it won’t be the only one either.




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