How was your weekend? Did you get loose? Did you party? Doesn’t matter. Because no matter how hard you went, I know it wasn’t half as hard as Smashville, Tennessee.

I mean, damn. You see these guys? You’ve heard the phrase: “One drink. One stop. There’s a better party & we’re not at it.”

Well, Smashville is that better party.

For all of Saturday night…well, most of Saturday night…. Minus the 20 minutes of the first period, when Jake Guentzel buried another one in the back of the net. At that point in the series, it was Jake Guentzel 4, Nashville Predators 4. Music City was the quietest it’s ever been. The city where even the airport books live music gigs was silent. A “not this again” feel as they stared 3-0 in the face. But then the second period started and things got lit. The party amp got turned up to 11. Nashville scored… and then 48 seconds later, scored again

From the second period to the final horn to well into Sunday morning… it was pure domination. The 615 was on another level. I’ll break it down in terms you’ll understand… It was a FIVE CATFISH kind of night… or for Pittsburgh, it was a FIVE INSTRUMENTS OF CRIME kind of night. One guy I don’t have to remind… the dude between the pipes for the Pens. Matt Murray. He knows better than anyone, because he had 17,000-plus clogging his ears with pure hell.

We talked earlier this postseason about the party Nashville throws for every game. But these folks truly took it to a place that even I thought they’d never get to. Roughly 67,000 sweaty souls all smashed together in a 6-block stretch on Lower Broad… Every 3-to-4 story bar along the strip opened at 9:30am and was filled to capacity. Every rooftop was packed. And it was worse on the street. Shoulder to drunk shoulder. It was like a mini corner of Clark and Addison when the Cubs ripped the World Series. And if you think it was just the weekend crowd… Game 4 is going to be just as lit… If not, more so. A chance to tie the series in their own barn before a business trip back to Pittsburgh? Fans were lining up at 6am this morning for a 1pm concert, and 7pm puck drop. Insane!

Look, it’s still a long trek with the defending champs standing in the way, but if this city found a way to bring home the Cup… it’s going to be like Mardi Gras on Human Growth Hormone.

Then again, they may not need to win a damn thing for that city to go off. Nashville partied hard for the Titans after they LOST the Super Bowl. Look, I don’t know if the Preds will win the Cup… but I know their kegs will be tapped, their red solo cups will be full, and their catfish will be on ice. Because while I know a lot of folks who can get after it, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone get down the way Smashville does.



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