The Cavs are D.E.A.D., Dead, Dead, Dead.

They adjusted, physically and mentally. They came out much more aggressively and with more energy than they did in Game 1. And they did play better… They played better and still got hammered. Played better, but even on a night when LeBron James had a triple double by the third quarter, Kevin Love had his best postseason game ever, Draymond Green was in foul trouble all night, and they turned the Warriors over 20 times, they still got blasted.

Fact is, Cleveland’s best isn’t going to beat Golden State’s best. The Cavs’ “A” game, provided they can even find it, won’t beat Golden State’s B. They’re just outclassed. Even worse, they’ve been blown out two games in a row and they still haven’t seen Golden State’s best. They can still play better.

At this point, it’s not a matter of if Cleveland can win the series, it’s a question of whether or not they’ll even get it back to Oracle… And you Cavalier fans can try and tell yourselves that Golden State just held serve. And that you were in the same exact position last year, down 2-0. And then 3-1. That you’ve done it before against them and you can do it again. Ehhhhhh!!

That’s the thing; you haven’t done it before against these guys. Because this isn’t the crew you beat last year. This team is obviously, much better, and much hungrier than the group that blew that 3-1 lead. And you’re not winning four of five against this crew.

Especially since no one is stepping up consistently to help LeBron.

This isn’t his fault. In fact, he’s never played better in the postseason than he is right now.  And what’s he have to show for it? A possible broom job in the finals. He’s doing his job. Too bad no one else on the Cavs other than Kevin Love, did theirs last night…  And those two alone aren’t beating the Warriors. Kyrie Irving has to do a helluva more than he did last night.  Tristan Thompson is going to have to do a lot more than nothing if the Cavs are to get back in this series. He was such a big factor last year at this time; has he even bothered to get off the bus?. And while J.R. Smith has a lot on his mind now and has to be playing with a heavy heart, he has given them nothing. Never mind making a shot, he’s not even looking for one. Nor are they getting anything from Kyle Korver or Deron Williams or anyone else.

LeBron is still the best player in the world, but he’s not beating the best team in the league by himself. And not just the best team in the league, but a team that will go down as one of the best ever.

A team that won 67 games in the regular season, has two MVP’s in Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, who are in the prime of their careers and have never been more locked in than they are right now; the league’s best defensive player and one of its best two way players in Draymond Green, and one of the best ever at shooting it, in Klay Thompson, who is also an unbelievable shooter. And they’ve won 14 straight this postseason while looking to the run the table. The Cavs aren’t  beating these guys. Not the way LeBron’s supporting cast is playing; and he knows it.

How frustrated do you think he is right now?. How pissed with the other players on his team?. He  wouldn’t even do his normal post game presser on the dais, opting instead to just answer questions in the locker room. I half expected the guy to say at one point, “please direct all questions to Tristan Thompson… If you can find him… Because I haven’t seen him in quite some time.”

Sure, they’ll play better and be more comfortable back home… And they’re not going to just roll over and die because LeBron would never allow it… But there’s not going to be any crazy come back this year.

They may have come back on last year’s Warrior squad, but there’s no way they’re doing it to this year’s version.


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