Hour 1

Smashville, USA And Smack-Off 23 Announcement | Luke Walton (NBA) Interview | Jim Rome Banned In Chicago Caller


Hour 2

Tony Luftman (NHL) Interview | Kap Still Jobless | Gary Sheffield (MLB) Interview


Hour 3

Sheffield Reaction | Thad Motta Tenure At OSU Is Over | Golden Ticket Invite



Luke Walton

Lakers Head Coach on his first season as an NBA head coach: “A lot of fun.”


Gary Sheffield

Former Big Leaguer on the steroid era in Major League Baseball: “There’s no such thing as a steroid era. It’s a baseball era.”


Tony Luftman

NHL Analyst on Nashville fans: “Those people are what is right about hockey.”



Smack-Off 23 Announcement

Many of you have been waiting for me to announce the Smack-Off date.
Click Here for Entire Take

Best Postseason In Sports

Smashville: Mission Accomplished.
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Seattle needs to add a qb to back up Russell Wilson and has been bringing in guys  in recent weeks for interviews… One of those guys is Colin Kaepernick.
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Matta Is Out At OSU

Those 2 Final Fours and 5 regular season Big Ten titles in 13 years were not enough to keep that axe from swinging.
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