Seattle needs to add a qb to back up Russell Wilson and has been bringing in guys  in recent weeks for interviews… One of those guys is Colin Kaepernick. Now it’s pretty clear there are certain owners and certain teams that want nothing do with the guy after he spent last season taking a knee during the national anthem.

New York Giants owner John Mara told MMQB in all his years in the league, he’s received mail from fans that were as emotional about any topic as they were about Kaepernick taking a knee.

And while he didn’t say he wouldn’t bring in Kaepernick as a result of his actions, he didn’t have to.

Save to assume some owners are furious and would never come near this guy. Then again, all he needs is for one to say yes. For one team to say, we don’t have a problem with it. This guy can still play. And we have a need at the position.

And if there’s one team that fits the bill, that would take a flier on Kaepernick, it would have to be the Seahawk. Coach Pete Carroll is known for letting players be individuals; for letting them express themselves. If any team would embrace Kaepernick and his social conscience, it’s the Seahawks. And Carroll.

Especially since they have a need, they had him in, and Peter was raving about him after the visit. It makes sense. Or it did until they decided to go with Austin Davis instead yesterday. Uh-oh!

Not a good sign that a team like Seattle wasn’t willing to sign him. If that team and that coach aren’t willing to take this one, who will? Especially, since that coach, again, was raving about Kaepernick, even after not signing him… Carroll says Kaepernick is “a starter in this league.. And we have a starter.. But he’s a starter in this league, and I can’t imagine that someone won’t give him a chance to play.”

Just another example of Carroll talking really, really fast and making very little sense. Another example of him talking out his backside. Are you really saying, you don’t want him because you already have a starter?. You knew that when you brought Kaepernick in, so why waste time at all, talking to him and then telling the rest of us how great he is.

And if he’s good enough to start in the league, why would you be thrilled to have him on your depth chart? Fact is, there’s no football reason to sign Austin Davis instead of Colin Kaepernick. Davis isn’t better, or a tougher match up for opposing defenses. Trust me, there’s not a dee coordinator in that league who wouldn’t rather face Davis than Kaepernick.

And it’s not just Davis: the Seahawks also have qb, Trevone Boykin, who was arrested twice earlier this offseason, once for misdemeanor charges of chron possession and public intoxication and another time for possibly violating his parole because of the incident. And he’s with the Seahawks still and Kaepernick isn’t. They’d rather have that guy than Kaepernick? Pretty interesting that a league that has no problem giving guys second chances but won’t give Kaepernick another shot. A league that will forgive just about anything but clearly not a guy who knees for the national anthem.

Carroll also said he can’t imagine someone won’t give him a chance to play. What makes you think so, Pete? If you of all people wouldn’t, who will.

Pretty clear, folks are still really angry with Kaepernick, and that he’ll only get that shot if someone goes down and a team is desperate to get a guy in quickly. Otherwise, he’d already have a gig. Because there are a plenty of guys who aren’t the player this guy is who already have gigs. And the fact that this guy doesn’t have a gig has almost nothing to do with football and everything to do with the stance he took last season.


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