Many of you have been waiting for the Smack-Off date. Obviously, the contestants want to know when it is. And many of you listening need the date so you can put in for time off to listen and get your party on for it.

Well, here it is. Smack-Off 23, arguably the most important day of the year in the jungle is going to be… Friday, July 28. Mark it down. Friday July 28.

Listeners do what you have to do get that day off, gather around the box and fire down your beverage of choice.

As for the callers, it is invite only. If you’re already in the field and you’re coming for the champ, and the $5,000 first prize, now you know when the event is.

Friday July 28. Invite only. Winner take all. And if you’re coming for the champ, you know Leff in Laguna is the guy you have to beat. A guy who two years ago buzzed our office in a chopper only to raise the bar last year when he bum rushed the studio:

It was a truly surreal and iconic moment in show history and enough for Leff to rip the crown.

Question is, does he have another iconic moment like that in him. If you’ve buzzed the tower in a chopper and then bum rushed the studio, what do you do to up the ante? And you know whatever it is, this guy has given it serious thought… So what do you do to beat him… That’s on all of you… On all of you to get an invite and make the most of it.

Remember, it’s invite only… You have to play your way in… If you’re not a former champ or already have an existing invite, there’s just one way to get it: you need to rip a golden ticket.

And to get one of those, you have to call and do or say something that’s golden ticket worthy.

I’ve got a stack. Come and get one. If you’re good enough. You’re officially on the clock because we have a date… Smack-Off 23, Friday July 28: winner take all.


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