Cornerback Davon House signed a one-year deal with the Green Bay Packers in March after spending the past two seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He now returns to the organization that drafted him, where he spent his first four seasons in the NFL.

House joined The Jim Rome Show Wednesday on CBS Sports Radio and talked about still being emotionally connected with Green Bay while in Jacksonville.

“It’s a blessing, man. Even though I did leave, I was always a Packer at heart, until the day we played them Week 1 last year,” House said. “But I was sitting there watching all the games, recorded the games, still watched them, still rooted for them, because they were in a different conference than us. But that’s why they say once a Packer always a Packer, regardless.

“So it was good. I’m glad to be back, I’m lucky to be back, excited for this year.”

Now a veteran amongst the Packers defensive backs, House is being counted on to be a leader. During his first tenure in Green Bay, he had the pleasure of watching Charles Woodson play and talked about what he learned most from the 9-time Pro Bowler: “Work ethic.”

“Even the days that he wasn’t out there physically practicing, I found out the middle of my first year, because there was somedays I didn’t see Woodson out there on the field, one day, I was using the restroom, and I see he was in running sprints with a vest on while we were out there practicing,” House said. “And this whole time I thought he was a vet, he’s a future hall of famer, he’s not practicing. No, he’s still in there working his butt off trying to get better.”

To make it in time for his team’s OTA’s on Tuesday, House had quite the journey back to Green Bay. After missing his connecting flight in Minneapolis on Monday night around 9:30pm, the cornerback found himself in a pickle and shared his thought process of how he was going to get to Green Bay for practice.

“I was just thinking about getting a rent-a-car, I’ll just get a rent-a-cars, but then rent-a-cars were all busy, or they didn’t have any cars available,” House said. “And I wasn’t going to take an Uber ride and pay a freaking $1,000 to drive four-and-a-half hours, so I tweeted something out like ‘Hey man, I’m going to be stuck, this is going to suck’ and someone tweeted back said hey just catch a ride, so I figured I’d take it to Twitter.”

The 27-year-old said the feedback on Twitter was good before taking up Packers super fans Chad and Mike Johnson on driving him from Minneapolis Airport to Green Bay.

“A lot of people were wanting to do it, there was a good five people that wanted to do it, that were willing to do it, but I just felt more comfortable with Chad and Mike doing it,” House said.

The Johnson brothers brought a pillow and blanket for House to rest during the trip, but he wasn’t planning to, but not because he was concerned for his safety.

“I just felt like it wasn’t fair. If I was just to go to sleep, if these guys were going to drive four-and-a-half hours for me,” House said. “I offered multiple times with me paying for them to do it for me, but they refused to take any type of money. So I figured I’d repay them with chatting with me, if that was good enough for them. I just imagined if me being in their shoes and Ken Griffey Jr. asks us for a ride or something like that, I mean I would have millions of questions about baseball, about his swing, about him playing with his dad, things like that. So I was there to answer, free interview, as you would say.”

When asked if he was ever concerned about his safety by getting a ride with two guys he didn’t know, House said no.

“Your twitter feed could tell you a lot about a person, so I looked through their twitter feeds, the people they were following, so they were for sure Packer fans,” House said. “They were family people, they both have kids, and they both were believers, which is important to me, and buddy of mine named Kurt, who was a big Packer fan as well, gave the OK of them too, because he heard of them too, but yeah, I wasn’t scared at all.

“I mean I understand this world, there’s a lot of bad stuff going on, but there’s a lot more good people that there are bad for sure.”


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