There is no back tougher to tackle than Steeler Le’Veon Bell. But my man was put on ICE a few days ago when he learned a lesson more and more pros are learning the hard way. DO NOT TREAT THE GRAM LIKE THE CLUB.

Because if the internet is in ink. The Gram might as well be a sharpie. And if you’re going to slide into someone’s DM’s, you better know who you’re dealing with, because it could really badly.

Because the Shield’s most elusive dude, just got jacked up by a 100-pound athlete with tremendous upside.

You see, Bell is usually the one juking linebackers out of their jock strap, but instead went looking to slide out of his own with insta model Karen Vi, and it couldn’t have gone any worse for him as she tattoo’d the Pro Bowler with what might as well be a permanent skull and crossbones emoji. Let’s just say she’s not nearly as impressed with him, that he is with her.. She’s not impressed with a new father looking to get his side hustle on via DM Networking.

Because Bell hit Vee with a “hello gorgeous” after she posted a selfie from her latest gram work down in Thailand. And she clapped back — her own Blue Check and 1 MILLION followers — with some straight fire:

“I will never understand why dudes or ATHLETES especially those with [girlfriends] even TRY. Truly makes me sick.”

“Didn’t he just have a baby with a beautiful girl?!”

Then she hit him with a “BYE FELIPE!”

That’s a 10-8 round for the Gram Girl. That’s not bringing a gun to a knife fight, that’s bringing a bazooka. And I’m guessing that Lev had some explaining to do between diaper changes.

Look, I’m not naïve.. Social Media is the new club.. It’s faster and easier to get what you’re looking for by reaching from your phone than it is of going to all the trouble of going to a club in order to spit your game. I get that. But what these guys need to know, you can’t get screen shotted from the club.

No one ever got exposed nor went viral for trying to work an angle in a club. But it happens every day on social. How did dudes not know this yet.

Sure, there are exceptions. But not many. And for every Kristaps Porzingis who can shake it off with a “shooters shoot” tweet, guys like Bell should know better. Hell, he DOES know better. Last year he was quoted talking about being an athlete dating in a digital era and he said: “Whether they think I’m attractive or like my status, lots of girls come at me on social media — lots, lots… You get used to it, and you handle it from there… I’m a guy who likes conversation, especially with women, and obviously they like doing it with me… You have your agent reach out, see what they’re about… I can take myself out of the process.”

Gotta follow your own advice. Have to be a helluva lot more tactical than this. You don’t need a Cris Carter FALL GUY. YOU NEED a GRAM GUY. Because if you had one, he might sniff this out and see if she has any interest at all, before you put yourself out there and she turns you inside out in front of her one million followers.

Better yet, the reason you hire a Gram Guy is to keep you off the Gram… Or at least keep you from sliding into someone else’s DM’s. Especially, when you have a girlfriend already and had a baby with her earlier in the year.

Being the baddest back in the NFL doesn’t make you the smartest back in the NFL. Nor does it make you anything other than an easy mark for a Gram Model who is just as dangerous as any blitzing linebacker.

I’d love to tell you this is the last time I’m going to provide this PSA., but it’s not.


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