Jets fan, say it with me: J-E-T-S, TANK TANK TANK. Because it’s June 7th and the Jets are already giving up on the 2017 season. It’s nowhere near the 4th of July and the focus has shifted from: “Can we finally make a run at the Patriots” to “What QUARTERBACK SHOULD WE DRAFT with the No. 1 pick next year?”

And of all times to throw up the Surrender Cobra — of all places to go full tank job, the Jets are doing it in the most Jets way possible: At OTA’s, gutting the joint in the middle of VOLUNTARY PRACTICES…, standout linebacker David Harris getting pink slipped AFTER an organized team activity and wideout Eric Decker, being told he will either be cut or traded any second now.

These are among the only two that can actually play on this team. The Jets were already horrible when it happened, and now that they’ve gotten rid of Harris and Decker they have a chance to be one of the worst ever.

For example, the NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah says an anonymous NFL exec told him, “I think the Jets might have the worst roster I’ve seen in a decade.”

Damn. Now that’s a statement. The 2016 Browns might want a word. Chad Henne, and the 2012 Jags just said “HOLD MY BEER.” Cleo Lemon and the 1-15 Dolphins just raised an eyebrow. The 2-14 Chiefs led by Tyler Thigpen just rocketed a 5-yard-out into the bleachers over that disrespect. Someone go find  Dan Orlovsky, those are fighting words.

Given that the Jets have already given up on this season, and given how horrible they’re going to be, once Harris and Decker get over the shock of getting broken off… and the utterly classless way it was done, they should get a gift basket to gm Mike Maccagnan, for getting the hell out of there before the losing begins.

Look, everyone knows how the Shield operates. It’s a cut-throat, bottom line business.  Guys get cut. Guys get fired. They know this. They expect this. But there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. And the Jets were all wrong. They could have handled this any worse. Especially as it relates to Harris. This dude played ten years for the Jets. Ten years! He’s a well-respected leader and vet in that locker room. He never did anything to embarrass the team or organization, either on or off the field. But the manner in which they did this guy couldn’t have been more embarrassing. There’s not a single reason to cut this guy other than you don’t want to win. You want to tank.

No reason to cut him, because he’s a huge character guy, still plays at a high level, you really don’t have anyone to replace him and his contract wasn’t prohibitive. There’s not a single reason for breaking this guy off. Nor is there any explanation for how and when they did it. During OTA’S.

If you’re going to cut him….and you shouldn’t. But if you are, do it in March, don’t wait until June, have him participate in OTA’S and then do him. Harris couldn’t have done any more to help that team and they couldn’t have done him any worse. Same with Decker.

With Brandon Marshall balling across the street, Decker was the Jets best receiver. They needed this guy. Unless they didn’t give a damn about 2017; then they needed to get rid of him. Good luck with that, Todd Bowles. Have fun trying to replace two of your best players at this late juncture. In the meantime, you can go ahead and start looking for your next gig, because there’s no way you survive this one. Not when they’ve taken you out at the legs. The writing is on the wall and now you’re officially on the clock.

And if Jets ownership doesn’t give a damn about 2017, why should their fans.

But you know the old saying, plan your work and work your plan. And the Jets are planning theirs. Plan being, get rid of anyone matters, and replace them with someone who is younger, cheaper and worse at football.

So Jets fans — buy a USC jersey and set your DVR for some Sam Darnold games. Or get prepped on UCLA’s Josh Rosen. Find out if there’s a  WYOMING FOOTBALL BAR and start hyping Josh Allen — and hope like hell he’s the next Carson Wentz. Whatever it takes to get through the fall.

Because we already knew that a roster that featured mccown, Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty was playing for a draft pick. But the Jets moves yesterday slid all their chips to the middle in a move for immortality: Move over Detroit. 0-16 HERE WE COME.


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