I’ve already made the point that the NBA Finals are already over. While going back home should help the Cavs, it really doesn’t matter. They’re totally outclassed by Golden State and have no chance of beating them four times in five games. None. Best we can hope for is that they dig deep, and somehow get this thing back to Oracle. That they somehow make the necessary adjustments so they don’t suffer the indignity of the Warriors celebrating this ass kicking in LeBron’s house.

One problem, I’m not sure they’re going to make the necessary adjustments. Or any adjustments at all. Not if you listen and believe what LeBron is saying. Never mind that it’s playing right into Golden State’s strengths, LeBron says they’re going to stick with what got them here. They’re not changing for anyone; not even a Warriors team that will go down as one of the best ever. Not even after trying to go all track meet with them, got their faces caved in twice already. Nope, the King says we’re sticking to the script.

Go ahead and play your game. Unless your game happens to be their game and they’re much better at it. And really, how did you get here? You got here playing some scrubs in the East. You got here playing zero D and outscoring people. And you GOT HERE, where we are right now, in an 0-2 hole, playing right into the Warriors hands.

Listen — I’m not here to bag on LeBron. The guy is an all-time great. He’s playing incredible basketball. Love him, hate him, there’s no disputing he’s one of the best to ever do it. And by the time he’s done, he might be the best ever. And not only is he a freak athletically, he’s a genius on the floor. This dude has forgotten more about the game than all of us combined will ever know. So, of course, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Unless he saying they want to play up tempo and go out and push it with the Warriors, then I think maybe me or even the most dim-witted clone might know better.

Because running and gunning with the Dubs is the best way to make sure you’re free next weekend for a BBQ and cleaning out the garage. Playing YOUR GAME and not trying to muck this thing up is what you do if you want to save yourself the grind of a cross-country flight Saturday morning. Basketball should be the last thing on their minds. They should be focused on playing some football out there.

And given how LeBron gassed out as badly as he did in the second half of game two after attacking the rack at will in the first half, he should know this better than anyone else.  And while LeBron may think suggesting he’s running out of gas is a reason to go, there’s no disputing it; he didn’t get to the rack once in the second half. I’m not sure he got within 20 feet of the basket.

The RING is the THING. Not playing your game. Not proving you can run with these guys. Because doing that is the surest way to ensure this is a sweep. And unless that’s the goal, you better stop saying that and do something differently. Because what you’re doing is going to send the Larry O back to the Bay in 16 straight.

Not that it really matters, the Cavs are going to to lose no matter what they do. I’m just trying to get them to do something different so they lose in 5 instead of four. As always, Bron, if you need any other help, you know where to find me.

  1. Really 16 straight. I am not sure what will happen. I do know if an team can pull this off, its the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hey Rome, I guess you bet against the Cavs Friday night again. I am starting to think you have doubts about the Warriors being 3-1 again,just like 2016. Trying to convince yourself its going to be ok? they better win Game 5, for your sake. Wonder what the Bay Area will be like if Cavs win, oh and its 3-2 coming back to the Q. Have a good. No pressure here

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