They played their guts out. Well, LeBron and Kyrie did. But in the end, they just couldn’t finish. And couldn’t make a shot when they had to.

They gassed out, and went into the tank, making too many mistakes and settling for too many low percentage jumpers after attacking the rack for most of the game.

But then again, that’ll happen when LeBron and Kyrie playing nearly the entire game and having to carry the rest of their teammates on their back, while trying to defend Golden State’s legends on the other end of the floor.

And believe this, they had their chances. And when they needed someone other than LeBron and Kyrie to step up and doing something late, they all shrank from it. They were up 5 three times, and Kevin Love, Kyle Korver and J.R. Smith all had clean looks at threes, and all missed them. Even Kyrie missed a layup late that would have made it a three possession game.

But again, you can’t blame him; he was a stud. A stud who ran out of gas. Just like LeBron did. Not that LeBron was buying that. He says he didn’t gas out; but rather he and they just didn’t make their shots. Right. Because you had nothing left. And gassed out.

But I can see where LeBron is frustrated. He’s redlining the entire game and it’s still not enough. Killed himself and had one of his best postseason games ever and thought he was right back in it at 2-1. Instead he’s down 3-0 and on the verge of being swept, embarrassed and having the Warriors celebrate their historic run in his house. Of course he’s telling anyone who would listen that he gave it everything he had. Don’t sweat it King. It will all be over in about 48 hours, and then you can put your GM hat on and take a wrecking ball to it once again




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