Not that this is news to anyone who has paid any attention to the NBA for the past decade…. but Kevin Durant is cold-blooded.

And no, this isn’t his so-called coming out party. He hasn’t gone to the next level. This is who he has always been. A freaking assassin.

He just never had a chance to run with the type of dudes he’s running with right now.  And despite being in the finals once before, and being a league MVP, he’s never had a chance to do what he’s doing on this big of a stage. And he knows it.

Just as he knows it’s his time and this is what he went to Golden State to do. This cat is a killer. And that walk up three with 45 seconds left to give the Warriors a one point lead was the ultimate dagger. And never in doubt.

Or as Durant said, he had been working on and preparing for that shot his whole life, and that when he rose up all he could see was the bottom of the net:

That was an incredible thing to see. He walks it up, sizing them up, and stabs the entire city in the heart. You could just see the life sucked right out of that building and LeBron when KD dropped that dagger… I’m not going to go as far as to say, there was a changing of the guard, and that Durant has blown by LeBron as the best player in the world. LeBron is still LeBron… And before you get all hot takey with it, think about what that discussion would be if you had the two of them switch teams… But Durant has been a freaking monster in this series and deserves a ton of praise for what he’s doing on both ends of the court… And most of all for showing up the way he has.

One thing to sign with the Warriors for a moment, another to absolutely own it and dominate it the way he has.



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