Golden State 118, Cleveland 113. Ballgame. Series. Thanks for coming. That is a catastrophic, soul-snatching loss for the Cavaliers. Golden State ripped out their heart and showed it to them.

The Cavs hit the Warriors with their best shot and the dubs didn’t even blink. The Cavs thought they had won it, pulled to within a game and were right back in this thing.  Instead, they gas out, go into the tank late, are down 3-0 and about to be swept.

And looking at LeBron’s body language on the floor and listening to what he told the media after the game, you could see just frustrated and demoralized he was.

And I don’t blame the guy. He and Kyrie Irving were out there killing themselves… the two of them go off for a combined 77 and they still lose. That’s brutal.

No wonder LeBron spent most of his post game presser saying “I did everything I could.  I…couldn’t do anymore.”

He could have said the same thing about Kyrie. But those dudes aren’t beating Golden State playing 2 on 5. Especially playing the minutes they played.

Then again, what choice did Ty Lue have? While Steve Kerr rested Steph Curry and Kevin Durant to make sure they still had their legs late, Lue couldn’t afford to take LeBron out of the game; whenever he did, the Cavs completely unraveled.

So Lue leaves LeBron and Kyrie out there to play nearly 46 and 45 minutes respectively, of course they gassed out. Of course they stopped attacking the rack and started settling for low percentage jumpers. They had nothing left. No fuel, and now no hope and no chance.

Look, they’re good and they’re proud and the last thing they want is to be swept and have the Warriors celebrate this historic beatdown and championship in their house, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen. The Cavs aren’t getting up on the mat because the Warriors aren’t taking their gas off the pedal. They learned their lesson last year, blowing that 3-1 lead so they’ll be looking to choke these guys out and finish on Friday.

Just as you know they’re looking to finish the post season 16-0 and secure their place in history.

  1. Steve Varga says:

    we’ll talk on monday. Go Cavs

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