That’s why Kevin Durant did what he did. And he did the right thing. And he has nothing to apologize for. And neither do the Warriors for signing him. And don’t come in here trying to hang an asterisk or a yeah but on this. They won it. They deserved it. Period.

Just assembling a roster of crazy talent doesn’t guarantee you anything. They had the best roster last year. They won 73 games in the regular season. And had a 3-1 lead in the finals. And still lost.

So just adding Kevin Durant didn’t guarantee that ring. And Durant didn’t just gravy-train someone else to his first ring. He led them to it, winning the MVP.

This wasn’t a  dude looking for the path of least resistance. Wasn’t a dude looking to be option number three and jump on someone else’s back to get a ring. They didn’t get him there. He got them there. That was not the easy way out.

Had he and they not won it all, Durant would have been annihilated for the decision.  There was no risk in staying in OKC where he was a legend. It wasn’t his fault they moved James Harden or that Russ Westbrook didn’t move the ball enough; just as it wouldn’t have been his fault if they didn’t win a title there. The risk was in leaving, joining the Warriors and not winning it all. And I don’t think any less of him for bouncing from OKC and going to the better team.

Who doesn’t jump when they have a chance to advance their career and improve their life?! He had that shot, so he took it. Just like every last one of you would. And if you tell me otherwise, to quote Draymond Green, you’re just not one of the sharpest people around.


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