A day after confetti fell from the rafters when the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to regain the NBA Championship, team co-owner Peter Guber joined The Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio and navigated through his emotions of winning by sharing his admiration of an exceptional foe and his remarkable championship organization.

“The feeling of recognizing that you’re playing against an absolutely formidable team, with an unbelievable world class, super world class athlete LeBron who just won’t let them lose,” Guber said. “I mean, he just keeps coming at you. And Kyrie Irving, his wing man, who is essentially unbelievable to watch, really phenomenal, and recognizing that you have to be playing at your very best if you want to want to beat them. To me, it was always a mystery that just when you think you’re going to make escape velocity, they’re back in the hunt again, so you have to be relentless against that kind of an adversary.”

Guber also showed great respect for his head coach Steve Kerr’s season long battle with a bad back and how he never lost site of the team’s end goal, the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

“It wasn’t just perspirational, it was inspirational. It was a sense of his desire and his focus and never wavered,” Guber said. “His ability to put his own personal pain to the left or the right to focus on the joy of the team was self-evident, and I think the idea was he would never endanger the team if he wasn’t capable of bringing his best interest and best efforts in it. So you knew that. So you were guided by him, and he worked through it and provided a sense of rigor and discipline that a team could see, so they had to live up to that kind of standard.”

As for the future and whether or not the Warriors can keep the team together, the Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment promised change, because everything always does.

“I think what we do is have an attitude of gratitude first now, of getting where we are,” Guber said. “Now, I don’t think we can stay where we are. I don’t think we can keep where we are. I don’t think what we can do, what we are, we have to do what tomorrow needs are.

“Other teams are getting better, we have to determine how we can get better. And Joe [Lacob], and Steve, and Bob [Myers] and the whole group has to be willing to be challenged to our own incumbency. If we just act as the incumbent, we always have to challenge our own incumbency. And that means players and schemes and designs and conditioning, all those things always got to be reevaluated as does the whole culture and organization, how we present it to our fans, how we build our new venue, it’s a constant and never ending change.”


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