Golden State 129, Cleveland 120. Golden State 4, Cleveland 1. Golden State 16, everyone else 1. And the Warriors are champs again.

Redemption. The playoffs might have sucked, but that game did not. That was everything you’d hoped it would be. Three of the greatest players to ever play the game on the court at the same time.

But don’t stop there –there were definitely three, but probably six or seven future Hall of Famers on the court and all in their prime. That was two heavyweights trading haymakers. It had everything. Dunks, ridiculous shots, LeBron going off, KD dropping 39, Kyrie going off, Steph putting up 34, J.R. Smith going off, a mini-scuffle, and multiple technicals.

Cleveland came out strong. Golden State battled back. Cleveland countered. Then, as halftime approached and the Warriors started to pull away and looked like they would end it early. But JR Smith hit the Cavs with the paddles. One clutch three after another. When they needed him most, J.R. Smith was J.R. Swish and he was soooo riiiiiighhhhtttt.

Every time it looked like Golden State had them buried, the Cavs would claw their way back out of their graves. These guys just wouldn’t die. LeBron, Kyrie, Love battling on the boards, hell Tristan Thompson was showing up and balling out. And it still wasn’t enough.

That’s because the Warriors were just too good. Too many weapons for anyone, including the Cavs to match up with. KD with 39, 7, and 5. Steph with 34, 6, and 10. Klay Thompson with some big threes. Even Patrick McCaw with a couple of clutch moments. But the guy with the wooden stake and the garlic cloves was one Andre Tyler Iguodala. Hell yes I’m going government on Mr. Iguodala, because he showed up huge. 38 minutes, 20 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and one great defensive stand after another.

That was the 2015 NBA Finals MVP Iguodala showing up when his team needed him the most. An absolutely incredible performance and he, has much as anyone, was the difference last night. He had the stop on Kyrie that turned into a monster coast-to-coast dunk that nearly took the roof of Oracle. Then chased that with one basket, one dunk, and one alley-oop after another. You name it, he did it. He impacted the game at both ends and brought the fans to their feet one time after another.

He said afterwards: “I’ve been sooo stressed the last three or four weeks. When it’s time for me to be a little selfish and show what I can do … well, it shows there’s something powerful up there.” 

Iggy brought a lot of power last night. I said yesterday that the series would end last night and there was no way they were going back to Cleveland, and Andre made sure of it.


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