As a Bay Area native, winning a second NBA championship in three seasons is special for Golden State Warriors General Manager Bob Myers, but winning the clinching Game 5 Monday at home this time is extra special.

Myers joined The Jim Rome Show Wednesday on CBS Sports Radio and was still trying to grasp his organization’s accomplishment.

“Things like this, they are so emotionally big and hard to get there in your life to accomplish these things that it takes time to kind of appreciate it,” Myers said. “And for me and our whole group, our players, our coaches, the people who put in the work and the effort, it means a lot.

“And the great thing about winning is it continues to mean a lot. It doesn’t stop at the parade. It doesn’t stop in a week. These are moments like you graduate from college, all these moments in our lives, most of them go away, most things in life are fleeting, but some things stay, and this is one of those things that is great.”

The Golden State Warriors of today are quite the contrast to the teams Myers watched in his youth.

“The Warriors weren’t supposed to win any championships when I was growing up. The bar was kind of the playoffs. Like that was the championship,” Myers said. “So to see our fans rewarded at home, I mean I can’t imagine being a kid growing up in this era watching our team because I would have done anything as a fan, forget about working for the team, to watch this group. I would have really appreciated [it]. I might have even enjoyed it more in a weird way if I wasn’t working for the team, so it’s pretty cool.”

The 2014-15 NBA Executive of the Year was especially happy for Kevin Durant. Myers admires the former league MVP for the way he persevered through the backlash he received for joining the organization last summer as a free agent, and he believes winning the title verified Durant’s decision was the right one.

“For Kevin to make the decision he made in light of what he knew was coming and to trust himself, and say I just don’t know if I’m going to win or lose but this is the path that feels right for me and then to see it happen for him in the way it did, in the MVP of the Finals,” Myers said. “He didn’t just come along on a team that was going to win a championship, he came to a team that he proved needed him to win a championship and were thrilled to have him and embraced him and everything Kevin is getting now he deserves. ”

The 42-year-old also talked about how Durant just loves his profession.

“Kevin just loves playing basketball. That’s it. Sounds simple, but that’s it. He just wants to play basketball,” Myers said. “A lot of people play in the NBA, and they will tell you I just like the life, I want the money, and I want the fame. He would play basketball if they payed him $5 a game and nobody ever saw it on TV, he would play basketball. So that’s my favorite thing about Kevin and to see him actually rewarded is pretty incredible.”

Myers says by finishing the season as champions the fulfillment is a lifetime.

“The bonds you create in winning a championship are forever. That’s what makes it so special,” he said. “I’ll run into David West 30 years from now, and you’ll look into his eyes, and you won’t even need to say anything. That’s what makes sports and championship so great is that it never ends. The connections that you build with championship teams, they last forever.”




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