There were so many incredible moments in the Warriors run to the title this year and even in the Finals, that’s it hard to pick one that stands out above the rest. Steph putting LeBron in a blender in Game 2. KD’s dagger three in Game 3. Andre Iguodala’s ridiculous coast-to-coast dunk in Game 5. But if I had to pick one moment, I might just have to go with Draymond Green’s postgame presser after Game 5. That was one for the ages.

There are a lot of different places I could start, but let’s just start with his mental approach to this series. Draymond took a lot of heat after last year’s Finals and for getting suspended in Game 5, and then the team ultimately losing in 7.

So coming into this series, having the right mental approach was definitely on his mind. And apparently it was on everyone else’s mind too. “I talked to my dad, my grandmother, every person I saw walking down the street, my mom, everybody’s like keep your cool, keep your cool. Don’t argue with the refs. I had to ask myself, is it that bad? Like does it look that bad that everyone I see — I’m in a grocery store, guys like, keep your cool. I’m like, Jesus Christ, this must be bad.”

It sounds like my man got the message. Then again, if everywhere you go, even the produce section at the grocery store, someone is telling you to keep your cool, that probable does send a message. And he received it.

“I had to have a real seminar with myself, like I must be out there looking bad. So, I just told myself, like I’m not going to worry about the officials. I’m just going to play the game.”

I love that. Draymond had a seminar with himself, he took himself to school and laid out to himself how it’s going to be. That’s awesome. There’s self-talk and then there’s a self-seminar. And it worked. He didn’t get into it with the refs or with other players nearly as much as he had in the past. He had four technical fouls in the postseason, which was behind Isaiah Thomas for the most in the playoffs.

But once it was all over, he had to blow off some steam, right? After the clobbering he took last year and the feeling that he cost his team a title, there was no way he wasn’t going to let you hear about it this time, right? Wrong. Don’t get it twisted, he had intended to say something. Actually, a lot of things. Not just an off-the-cuff remark or two. Not a rant. He had a full-on speech prepared. That was the plan, but the plan changed.

“I told myself I did like this State of the Union address, I wrote down this stuff like, man, I’m going to say this, I’m going to say that. I was going to bash everybody who talked junk. I feel like R.J. was talking junk the whole series, then the media, JR said some things. I’m like, I’m going to bash everybody. And then like, no, that’s a championship team. And they’re — they stepped up the entire season, they were great. You got to give those guys a lot of credit.”

Really, the only bashing he did was to crack on the people of Cleveland after Game 4 when he said they “don’t seem to be the sharpest people around.”

And if you think he was joking about the State of the Union address, you better think twice. Because he referenced it again later on. “I’m telling you, I had this whole document ready. I was ready to bash everybody. But I just — I have too much respect for them.”

And I have so much respect for that. Not necessarily him holding his fire when it comes to the postgame presser, although that is admirable. I really love the fact that he had a whole document ready to use at the final presser. Like he was firing open Microsoft Word or the Notes app on his phone every so often, just to jot down some things about what Richard Jefferson was saying. Or what J.R. Smith was doing. That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. And my only wish is that we could’ve actually heard what he wrote and what he planned to say.

I respect that he didn’t let it rip. And not doing so, was absolutely the right thing for him.. But all wrong for the rest of us. Now I’m always going to wonder what was on that doc. Who he was going to murder. And we’ll never know.

My man, at least forward me the document; you have my word, not one word from me.  I’ll delete as soon as I read it. Just forward it to Rome at have a take dot com.


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