It’s mid-June, and I’m ready to go out on a limb. We’re not even to training camp, and I think I’m ready to lay it all out there for one NFL team — who is ready to do something so special, so great, that I’m getting behind the wheel, I’m rounding people up and I’m steering this bandwagon all the way to immortality.

THE JETS ARE GOING FOR IT. The Jets are taking dead aim at the perfect season. Hell, is it possible to do one better? Because I don’t think I’ve EVER gone out on a limb like this one. And as much as I’ll never forget what Detroit did when they went LEGEND and dropped that 0-16 into the history books, this Jets team looks even better. They might be the one team that could lose the bye week.

JETS: 0 AND 17 STARTS RIGHT NOW. WEEK 11 is NOT an off week. It’s a chance to do ONE better. We need an impromptu boat trip to Miami. A boozy squabble between teammates. Something. Anything. Something that helps this crew one-up the Lions.

It’s not enough that NFL execs are telling Daniel Jeremiah that THE JETS MIGHT HAVE THE WORST ROSTER IN A DECADE.

This team is ALREADY PREPPING for greatness. The summer has barely even started and they’ve got dudes ready to throw hands with each other — Leonard Williams treating Darron Lee like a bag of groceries after Lee was on the verge of possibly doing the dumbest thing ever as he argues with a woman at a music festival. And with the media out there looking to hook,  head coach Todd Bowles, how quickly do you think they’re going to turn THIS QUOTE around on him: “Lucky for me I don’t read the media but my expectations are high, the team’s expectations are high and that’s really all that counts. (Q) What are you looking to accomplish this year? (TB) I’m trying to get to the playoffs and win a Super Bowl. No different than any other year.”

Todd Bowles is a solid dude. And. A solid coach. But the only way he’s going to the playoffs is as an unpaid advisor to the Hood after the Jets break him off in Week 6 after an 0 and 6 start. The only way he’s getting that team a victory is if he finds a way to keep Christian Hackenberg from harpooning media members with errant passes during mini-camp — the keys to the offense going into the hands of the one guy who might be more dangerous behind the wheel than Eldrick after a pharmaceutical bender.

Listen to Bowles as he describes his QB depth chart. Does THIS sound like a guy prepping for the playoffs?

REPORTER: You trying to move onto the next generation, why are you considering McCown as the starting QB? BOWLES: “Even when you go to kindergarten somebody’s got to be the teacher.”

I get what they’re doing. Gutting the roster. Going J-E-T-S TANK TANK TANK for the right to get Sam Darnold or Josh Allen or Josh Rosen. No Eric Decker. No David Harris. The Surrender Cobra already going up in January. And they’re coming for Orlovsky. They want a piece of what Lions already own and I couldn’t be more excited.

STRIVE FOR GREATNESS, Cuz! Take dead aim.


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