Chael Sonnen

Info & Stats: MMA Fighter and Two-time Smack-Off Champion

All Topics: Smack-Off 23 | Last Smack-Off | His plan last year for the Smack-Off was bad | Process of his Smack-Off call | Best call will get the win | Bellator 170 vs. Wanderlei Silva | Mecca of Madison Square Garden is a dump | Concrete and horns is NYC | First time meeting Wanderlei Silva | Ultimate Fighter show with Wanderlei | Getting sucker punched by one of Silva’s guys | Being in Brazil | Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor | Boxing is not in a good position right now |

June 20th 2017

Chael on the annual Smack-Off: “365 days of preparation.”



Jan 18th 2017

All Topics: Bellator 170 vs. Tito Ortiz | First fight in over 3 years | Life outside the cage | Fighting is seductive | Legends Ass Whipping Tour | Tito Ortiz and Chuck Lidell being so overrated | Beating Ortiz in amateur’s | Tito being annoying | Putting pressure on Tito | Good old ass whipping contest | Ronda Rousey’s future | Rousey is only 29 | Rousey doesn’t want to be one of the girls | Losing his daughter after 6 days old | His wife is doing ok | Doctors kept saying dehydration was the key in wife’s pregnancy

Chael on Ronda Rousey: “She’s not done if she doesn’t want to be.”



July 7th 2016

All Topics: Reaction to Jon Jones being pulled from UFC 200 over possible banned substance test | Jones press conference | Dana White being shook up over the Jones news last night | Trying to think why Jones would use | Jon is a good guy but he always thinks he’s a victim | Jon has to stop acting like the victim | Depressed about the Smack-Off | Mike In Indy is livid | Thought Leff’s call was the best of all time

Chael on if he was roiding at nine years old: “No I wasn’t.”



July 3rd 2015

All Topics: UFC 189 | Jose Aldo backing out of the fight vs. Conor McGregor | Fifth time Aldo backed out of a fight | Dana White’s feeling towards Aldo right now | Aldo discrediting the McGregor vs. Chad Mendes fight now | McGregor vs. Mendes stylistically | Conor being a big guy | Conor’s weight loss | Smack-Off 2015 | Working with Mike In Indy | Thought Leff’s stunt was awesome | Brad In Corona’s call | Him being in the Smack-Off |  Smack-Off has given him more street credit than anything | Depressed about not winning the Smack-Off | Behind the scenes podcast | Will leave it up to Mike In Indy if we stay together | Major group effort

Chael on the Smack-Off: “It’s the ultimate competition.”



May 15th 2015

All Topics: Being defending Smack-off Champion | 1st win vs. Repeating | Tagging up with Mike In Indy | Reaction to Jon Jones arrest | Jon Jones’ biggest mistake | Trash talking | Being a nice guy with a showman’s personality  | Conor McGregor  | Fight between Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo | Metamorphis 6 | New podcast | Shared Belief’s injury | How horses get their names

The two-time Smack-Off champ joins Jim live in Portland Studio.



Apr 24th 2013

All Topics: UFC 159 vs. Jon Jones | Busy week | Anderson Silva having his hand raised twice against Chael | Had 3 10 to 8 rounds against Anderson | Jon Jones is a considerably better fighter than Silva | Him falling down against Anderson | Anderson being an easy fight | His skills | Being the most dominant fighter in the UFC | Him being an a Super Fight with Jon | Being a Republican, he takes what he wants | Main events wanting Chael | Highest paid fighter in UFC history | Being from the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon | He will fight Jon Jones | Not being impressed by the young Jones | Jones’ not being taken down in the Octagon | Don’t have to take Jones down | Jon Jones is a nice guy | Smack-off | Mike in Indy is good but just not him | His strategy in the 2013 Smack-Off | Car Wash at ESPN | Sage Steele | Wanting to touch Sage Steele’s hair | What does he care if touching Sage’s hair was inappropriate |

Chael on his opponents in the 2013 Smack-Off: “They’re going to get a lesson from me.”



Jan 21st 2013

All Topics: UFC 159 | Coach of “The Ultimate Fighter” | Jon Jones | Lance Armstrong incident on Jim’s show | Lance is a dweeb not a bully | Who could Lance bully? | Lance threatening to sue Chael  | Chael threatening to kick Lance’s ass | Jon Jones | Being a coach on the “The Ultimate Fighter” | Chael the coach | Jon’s team will learn how to be selfish and entitled brats?| The show | Coach Jones did a very good job | Taking some Twitter shots at Rampage Jackson | Rampage coming after the UFC | Rampage never did anything for the UFC until he got a big paycheck, just like the rest of us | Vitor Belfort calling him a clown | Vitor trying to talk himself into a championship bout and not earning it | Clones | Smack-off | Getting more street cred from the Smack-off than anything else he’s done | Smack-off field | Mike in Indy | A tremendous field in the Smack-off | Jolene | Hoping to win first and second in this years Smack-off |

Chael on Lance Armstrong’s PED use: “Why would you need steroids to do what my 6 year old niece can do up and down my driveway?!”




Jun 11, 2012:

Chael on the 2013 Smack-Off: “I will show up.”


Oct 18, 2011:

Chael ranks where the Hispanic accent incident lands on his all time accomplishments list: “That was probably my most proud moment.”



Aug 05, 2010:

Topics: UFC 117 | Anderson Silva has not accomplished as much as I have | Silva’s level of competition | Says Anderson Silva is a “Good little fighter” | I’ve fought tougher | I’m a working man, Anderson’s not | I’m going to go through Anderson | Anderson has not helped sell the fight | Says Anderson Silva is going to get fired Sunday morning by the UFC | They should call this the “Anderson Silva retirement party” | Anderson speaks English; he just doesn’t want to talk to the fans or media | Go to YouTube and find Anderson Silva speaking English | Lance Armstrong comments | Says he did not say those things about Lance Armstrong | Armstrong called him | Jim plays the audio of the comments, Chael says it’s not him |


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