So now what does Cleveland do. LeBron is bent. And a year away from bouncing once again. What’s their next move? Knowing that LeBron is 32, that age is going to catch up to him, and that he’s entering a contract year, they need to do what I’m sure Griffin was telling Gilbert to do, take a big swing. Go all in.

Pull the trigger, and make the deal or deals that give you the best of shot of running down Golden State and winning it all right now.

Fact is, this is their last, best shot. Freaky as he is, LeBron’s skill level will diminish. He will slow down. He’s probably already played the best ball of his life. And this might be the last year you have him. So you have to do whatever you can to not only take advantage of his last great year but to convince him to stay and not chase that ring here in L.A. or someplace else.

How do you that? By going all in and getting him the help he needs. Buy letting David Griffin do what he needs to do. Gilbert already screwed that up completely. They should do whatever they can to get Paul George.

Sure it’s a gamble, but not doing so is an even bigger one… If there’s a George for Kevin Love deal, you pull the trigger, because while Love had an excellent regular season and postseason, George creates more problems for Golden State than Love does, and until the Celtics prove otherwise, that’s the only thing that’s going to matter to LeBron. Beating Golden State.

I’m not saying bringing George in puts them on par with the Warriors. It doesn’t. But it gives them a better shot and sends the message to LeBron, we’re doing everything we possibly can to keep you here and get you another ring.

That short of going to Golden State, there’s not a better opportunity anywhere else for you to win another one.. Make the deal for George before the Lakers do.

Because while it’s a big gamble to do so, letting LeBron go is an even bigger gamble.



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