Cavs owner Dan Gilbert already jammed his GM David Griffin and himself when he let Griff walk earlier this week. Never mind that Gilbert had next to nothing to do with the Cavs going to the Finals three straight times and winning their first ring ever… and Griffin had everything to do with it.

Never mind an extension, this dude should have been given a gig for life, for the job he did… But for whatever reason, Gilbert doesn’t get it. Either he completely devalues the position, or has no idea what the hell he’s doing. Probably both.

Or…or…he’ll have you believe that he has someone in mind who can do an even better job than Griffin did. And, that of course, would be Chauncey Billups.

And if you’re Billups, and you’re a TV analyst, who has a shot to cut the line, and go right to the front and run the best team in the East, with the best player in the game, don’t you do that?! Eehhhh not so fast!!

Apparently, this job is Chauncey’s if he wants it. But he may not want it.

ESPN says that Billups was OFFERED a long term gig, and the title of President of Basketball Ops, and HE’S CONFLICTED ABOUT TAKING IT.

Believeland, how’s that grab you?

That things are so bad right now that Chauncey Billups – MR. BIG SHOT HIMSELF — gets offered the job to be the head of the Cavaliers franchise and it’s the one big shot that he ISNT SURE he wants to take?

And can you blame him?? That right there tells you how the basketball world views Dan Gilbert.

And you know Chauncey is thinking, if Gilbert can do Griffin the way he did him, after he built a team that went to the NBA finals three years in a row and won it all once, what the hell might he do to me?

And if the guy has never once extended his GM when his contract was up, why should I believe I have any shot at getting a second deal? Answer is, he shouldn’t.

Which is probably another reason why he hasn’t said yes yet to what should be his dream job but obviously isn’t. Not when you consider who he’d be working for. Or that LeBron could bounce in a year, with Kyrie Irving forcing his way out when it happens.

This is why you don’t jerk with things that aren’t broken.

And remember, Gilbert not only broke Griffin off, a guy who did an amazing job for him, he got all petty and vindictive with it, refusing to allow to interview for other gigs; something else that Chauncey or any other potential GM needs to be aware of.

So not only was Griffin grossly underpaid and underappreciated, not only would Gilbert not give him what he deserved, he blocked him from looking for it elsewhere. And everyone in the league knows it, so how is this guy going to get anyone who matters to replace Griffin. Answer is, he probably won’t.

And if he had just done what he should have done all along, and taken care of a guy who deserved it, we wouldn’t be having this conversation not speculating on whether LeBron is going to be a Laker or a Clipper.

So BELIEVELAND, THIS IS FOR YOU! It’s time. SMASH that panic button. Because Danny G has that desktop fired up. He’s got the word doc in full screen mode and he just selected Comic Sans in Multi-Color. And if Chauncey DOESNT take this gig, you’re the one team that goes from NBA Finals to laughing stock.

And if this one goes Belly up — The King is gone and you’ve got your owner to blame.


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